Thursday, July 30, 2015

New SBTV on PC and tips not to get banned

Swagbucks has changed the way you watch SBTV on PC effective July 29, 2015.

You can read more about these changes here:

You can find SBTV on PC here . There are several categories to choose from, and playlists within each to watch. Each playlist consists of  one or more videos  and you earn the specified amount when you finish watching the entire playlist.

Note the times of each playlist, and select the shortest ones. You may notice some playlists say 0 minutes, this is a glitch or typo, these playlists are not zero minutes. Each playlist may have an ad at the beginning or end, and/or one aside the video frame, these are how sb makes money, and how you get paid. So, like every other earning opportunity on GPT sites, make sure your ad-block is disabled.


The previous style of SBTV on PC was known for getting people banned. (You can read our previous warning page HERE) Given that, we are still hesitant to recommend SBTV on PC as a safe and lucrative earning opportunity. The following are some recommended tips to possibly keep you from getting banned:

1. SB claims you can earn a total of 500sb a day from SBTV on PC, this is impossible. You must run the entire playlist to get your credit, and even at 4 minutes a piece you would still never make 500sb in a day. Do not try to prove you can, you will be asking to get banned.

2. You must run the entire playlist and any ads, do not try to fast forward through either, you will be asking to get banned.

3. Although it appears you do not need to be in an active window for these to credit, I suggest you keep a minimized small window open and visible on your screen. Be sure you can see the entire video frame and any ad on the side just to be sure you stay safe.

4. You are still able to multi-task while running these playlists, but follow the suggestion above.

5. You are only able to get credit once per day for each playlist, so either keep track of the ones you've watched, or go through the categories systematically so you do not get confused. New videos are added periodically.

6. You can not, and should not try to run multiple SBTV windows, you are asking to get banned.

7. As with any other earning opportunity, you should not be using SBTV on PC to make the majority of your SB's. You need to use the entire site to earn, and tips for using other opportunities on Swagbucks can be found HERE

8. SBTV and sbtvMobile app are two different things. You can do both. You can read more about the mobile app HERE

Monday, July 13, 2015

Where in the world is Swagbucks Collectors Bills

Beginning Monday July 13, 2015 you’ll have the chance to win these 5 collectible bills through the use of Swagbucks Search. Random search wins will feature Where In The World art which will automatically be stored in your account ledger under the Collector’s Bills tab.

 Once you have collected all 5 of the bills you will immediately receive a 21 Swag Buck bonus!. You’ll have until  Midnight  (11:59pm PT) on Wednesday July 22nd to gather them all!
These are the bills you will be searching for!





For tips on searching please read  HERE

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Traffic Micro

:golds :golds Complete EASY FAST tasks! :golds :golds
Just clicks and copy/paste!

If  you would like to sign up,
please click the banner above or HERE
Thank you!
 If you signed up for trafficmicro and havent received accepted email, log on anyway and let sit on Dashboard/startwork page and wait for task, you will still get them.


Throughout the day you will get notified to complete easy tasks, usually clicking through to a website and copying some information. 

Please note: if you use a mobile device you will receive an email that requires you to provide proof of the device you are using. This is because some jerks use emulators and cant just use mobile devices like normal people, Please read -->

You can be notified that you have a new task either by email or by keeping this page open -->

If you keep the page open you will see a pop-up box like this:


You MUST use a verified mobile device:
(the copy, paste, find instructions may be a little different on your device, click around to figure how)

1. Copy the term in quotation marks by pressing the words on screen, it will highlight the term, slide the pointers left or right to capture the entire term between the quotation marks
2. Once highlighted, click the copy button top of screen, mine is two over lapping rectangles, this will add the tern to your clipboard
3. Scroll down and click the call button - new page opens
4. Click the on screen menu button (mine is three dots top right)
5. Click "Find in page" and in the box at top, press and hold until you see "paste"
6. Find the underlined text that is a link and click it - new page opens
7. Click on a related link. - new page opens
8. Click a sponsored link - new page opens to a "real" looking website
    ** please keep this page open for 10 seconds so you do not  get a warning email from TM! **
9. Copy url of this "real" website and enter into bottom left box from your first page (under call button)
10. Copy some words from top of last page into the box on the right on your first page (under call button).
11. Click SUBMIT, thats it!
12. Close all task pages and refresh


1. Its been more than an hour with no TrafficMicro task, clear cookies and cache, log back in and sit on dashboard page, you should get another task shortly

2. If its been several hours, and you've already done the above without success, reset your record  here: Hopefully you will get a new task shortly after.

3. Tasks seem to come faster in the mornings, up to 5 per hour, you will still get them in the evenings, just not as quickly.

4. Some people have been getting 11 tasks a day, after your 10th task, leave the dashboard/startwork page open for a while and see if you get another task.

5. Be sure to leave last web page open for at least 10 seconds to avoid getting flagged by TrafficMicro.

6. If doing tasks on mobile device, sometime a link will open a mobile site and you can not find the link, click the three dot menu (top right on my device) and request desktop site. You should be able to find the link from there, and you will still be credited for doing a mobile task.

7. Sometimes when searching the term it only opens a second web page, not either of the sites like the ones pictured above, just search for the term again and you should be able to proceed normally.

8. Sometimes you arent able to select text on the last page for proof, because there are only images or frames. Just copy the image and submit that as proof, it still works.

9. DO NOT USE BOTS, AUTO CLICKERS, VPN, PROXY or anything else like this.


If you have a problem with a dead link or cannot find the search phrase on the page,  report the issue here:
**There is a link within the tasks to report them, but THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK. Use the link above in a new tab.
**Be sure to include the search term and the link you clicked, as well as any other info you can think of
Your tasks will reset and you should get a new task the next time one is available.


Payments are PayPal only, and will be deposited to your account next day, or once you reach your minimum pay amount. Be sure to select a higher minimum pay amount, you do not want to receive payment every day (see below).

Be advised that PayPal reports to IRS once you receive 200 deposits to your PayPal account, read more about  it HERE.

You can edit your account and minimum payout here --> 

**Please check on your minimum payout often to make sure its still set how you want it, especially if you change IP


TrafficMicro tracks your IP. Do not use proxies or VPN. At this time you are only allowed to make one account per IP, so one account per person/household.

If your IP changes, it will ask you if you want to associate that IP to your account, Just say yes, its not a big deal.

Remember, one account per IP, but you can have man IP's associated with your account.


Please read their FAQ page for more information -->

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

gifthulk EZ offers that credit 7

2015 #7 July 2015 thru January 2016

Thank you very much to all the staff and members who originally posted them.
This list would not be possible without your contributions.

Here is a ref link if you have not already joined
The invite code is - JM267144

****  Special thanks to to the left for constantly updating this post!!  Please thank them in the chat when you get a chance.  A Thank you is always appreciated!

:golds Learn how to get offers to credit, please click HERE:golds

Don't forget to get the Bonus Hulkcoins by clicking the check in button

****  Do not forget to do the daily check in on the survey page for 5 Hulk Coins!!

Offers with a * may have been removed from GiftHulk or are not available in your region
Sometimes offers reset and let you do them again, you may want to try the posted links again even if you've completed the offer in the past


flower Be sure to check older offers! flower  
Click --> April thru June offers 2015
Click --> January thru March 2015
Click --> October thru December 2014
Click --> July thru September offers2014
Click --> April thru June offers 2014
Click --> January thru March offers 2014

------------------------------------ January 2016  ------------------------------------------

1/9/16 - CashBack Shopping -  - 340hc - answer Q / fill in e-mail / click banner for e-bates / fill in info following page - instant credit (Minion42)

 1/6/16 - Spanish Speaking Survey -
 - 900hc - Fill out 1st page / Confirm e-mail / Fill out info from e-mail - instant credit (Minion42)

------------------------------------ November 2015  ------------------------------------------ 

11/27/15 - Limitless Drug - -  1100hc enter email answer questions click on banner fill form submit credited instantly (tequila)

11/20/15 - Nuvigil - 1100hc - Register first page, answer all steps with SWD (shift work disorder), none, and nothing, click for pdf (rubes)

11/6/15 - Pennzoil Fall - - 500hc - submit email, click banner, request rebate, fill form. Credited for me before uploading receipt.(tequila)

11/6/15 - 3M Bandage Sample (Lifescript) - - 148hc - 1st page submit (tequila)

------------------------------------ October 2015  ------------------------------------------  

10/29/15 - Insurance Branch 400hc Enter Zip / Fill out following pages / click on quotes - credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/29/15 - AARP Healthy Living - 300hc Click Banner / Fill out info - keep year @ 1955 - credits 10 miins or less (Minion)

10/28/15 - MySurvey - - 800hc Register / Confirm e-mail / instant credit (Minion)

10/28/15 - Consumer Opinion Institute - - 800hc - Register / Confirm e-mail / credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/28/15 - VIP Voice - - 1200hc 3rd page submit / confirm e-mail / credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/28/15 - The Mountain - - 192hc e-mail submit / instant credit (Minion)

10/28/15 - Shower Fresh - - 148hc 1st page submit / this offer may not always credit (took approx 10 min to credit) (Minion)

10/28/15 - Diabetes - - 392hc - Full page submit - credits 10 mins or less - don't recall if there was a banner 1st (Minion)

10/24/15 - Multi Sock Splash - - 148hc 1st page - took 15 mins or so to credit (minion)

10/24/15 - $5000 a Week Forever - 800hc - First page submit, very delayed credit (left)

10/23/15 - Diaper Deals for Mommy -  - 344hc - 1st page submit / register as F - have a child less than 5yo - instant credit (Minion)

10/22/15 - Pumpkin Spice - 188hc - 1st page submit - these offers may not always credit (Minion)

10/20/15 - AARP Life Reimagined - - 240hc - Register / keep year @ 1955 - credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/20/15 - DailyBreak - Kroger Home Cleaning - - 200hc - Register / Answer Q - skip / submit - till you get to the end - instant credit (Minion)

10/20/15 - DailyBreak - U by Kotex - - 200hc / register as F / 18-24yo / answer Q / skip / submit - till you get to the end - instant credit (Minion)

10/13/15 - Lifescript - Beauty Samples  - - 420hc - e-mail submit / these offers may not always credit  (minion)

10/10/15 - DailyBreak - Barilla Pronto Pasta - - 180hc - register / choose submit / skip until you get to the end - credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/10/15 - AARP Healty Living - - 200hc - enter b'day (year - 1955) / Register acct - again year should be 1955 - credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

10/2/15 - State of Alaska - - 440hc answer Q / enter e-mail / click banner / Fill info on following page - instant credit (Minion)

------------------------------------ September 2015  ------------------------------------------

9/23/15 - Coke Zero El Pollo Loco - 240hc - looked like a redirect to me.. shows a page with watches and gc's.. entered e-mail and it credited (Minion)

9/22/15 - Diabetes 21 Day Challenge 100hc / 1st page submit / Type 2 Diabetes / Oral / 2 or More Meds - credits 5 mins or less (minion)

9/21/15 - Kerydin1 - 440hc / confirm DOB / answer Q's / click banner / fill form on following page - may / may not need to print cert. (Minion)

9/15/15 - Top 10 Healthiest High Fiber / Children - 120hc - scroll down and click NEXT Page till you finish - instant credit (Minion)

9/10/15 - Shell Oil - - 160hc - Click Banner / Fill info on next page - instant credit (Minion)

------------------------------------ August 2015  ------------------------------------------
8/28/15 - DailyBreak : Brita - 180hc -  Register / Solve 2 Puzzles - keep clicking until you get to the "You Won xx Coins" - instant credit (minion)

8/28/15 - DailyBreak : Sara Lee Back-To-School - - 180hc -  Register / Solve 2 Puzzles - keep clicking until you get to the "You Won xx Coins" - instant credit (minion)

8/19/15 - Earning Station - 800hc -  - Register 3 pages, confirm email, says to confirm email of other site but its apparently delayed in arriving (left)

8/14/15 - Free2Try Free Samples - 400hc - - 1st page submit - credits 10 mins or less (Minion)

8/12/15 - Nylabone - 100hc - - 1st page submit (Minion)

8/1/15 - Ipsos i-Say - 2240 hc - Second page submit, open email and complete registration, take 2 minutes survey, tip on iSay, use all unique info, wont accept if your name or address already in their system, and fresh email of course, works best with fresh IP you havent used for iSay too (left)

------------------------------------ July 2015  ------------------------------------------ 

7/14/15 - Nicorette Gum - 400hc - -  register, print coupon, credits in about a minute (tequila)

7/9/15 - Top 10 Gluten Free Dessert - 120hc - Click top right to expand screen - click Continue till you get to the Captcha and enter - instant credit (Minion)

7/9/15 - Save on Oral Medications - 280hc - - 1st page submit - credits 5 mins or less (Minion)

7/2/15 - Simple Skincare - 148hc - -  1st page submit / this offer may not always credit

7/2/15 - Sweets & Treats - 280hc - 1st page submit - type 2 Diabetes / 2 or More Meds / High A1C - credits 10 mins or less (Minion)

7/1/15 - Reality TV Watcher?  - 2400hc - Survey 28min -say you watch reality tv, watch episode, there's a bar you need to move during, then answer questions after (bazz)