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My HabitPayment Wall26SBCredits In a few minutesPartier7/20/12
Sweets and TreatsPW17SBCredits In a few minutesPartier7/20/12
SkypePW8SBCredits In a few minutesPartier7/20/12


Secure.me app for fbSB Homepage17SBCredits InstantlyXxlolMasterxX6/01/12


google offerSponsorPay25SBCredits InstantlySmashingPumpkins5/31/12
Payoff.comSB Homepage50SBCredits InstantlyMonopoly5/31/12
Secure.me app for fbSB Homepage17SBCredits InstantlyXxlolMasterxX5/31/12
get 75 worth of couponsPL77SBCredits FastSmashingPumpkins5/31/12
Savings Star -Use Hannaford card tutorial in forumTrial Pay45SBCredits In 5 minsPartier5/31/12
Do you suffer from heartburnPeanut Labs26SBCredits InstantlyPartier5/31/12
Spread a Little Love with Philly!Peanut Labs10SBCredits InstantlyPartier5/31/12
Save 50-75% on Car insPeanut Labs187SBCredits InstantlyPartier5/18/12
Alice.com SB Homepage10 or 20SBCredits In 5-10 minutescookie monster5/16/12


Save on Health Insurance Super Rewards40 SBCredits In 15 - 30 minutesPutt9/09/11
Get Free Quotes on Windows! Super Rewards160 SBCredits In 15 - 30 minutesPirate9/08/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 RadiumOne/ Slider16 SBCredits Instantlyrockin-robin9/06/11
Not Sure About College? How About Test Driving it First! Super Rewards128 SBCredits In 15 - 30 minutesPartier9/05/11
Re-learn life without cigarettes! Radium One14 SBCredits InstantlyPartier9/05/11
Buy Cheap Furniture Radium One8 SBCredits InstantlyPartier9/05/11
Get your Kmart $5 OFF of $50 Coupon NOW! RadiumOne24 SBCredits Instantlybreadcrumblady9/01/11
KODAK Gallery 90 SB Trial Pay90 SBCredits In - 1 hourSBCodez9/01/11



Earn 60 FREE Swag Bucks! Quick & Easy Offer from Kodak Swagbucks Inbox60 SBCredits In 1-2 hoursPirate8/30/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 RadiumOne16 SBCredits Instantlyrockin-robin8/22/11
Save Big at the Kmart Back to School Sale! Slider/RadiumOne27 SBCredits InstantlyDamikk8/19/11
Easily Transfer Money on your mobile! Easy Sign Up! RadiumOne41 SBCredits InstantlyPartier8/18/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 RadiumOne16 SBCredits InstantlyPartier8/16/11
FastCupid -Real women, real photos, real fun with this new app. Super Rewards30 PointsCredits In 15 MinutesPirate8/10/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 RadiumOne20 SBCredits InstantlyPartier8/08/11
Find clearance prices from local dealerships on new vehichles at eAuto.com. Payment Wall116 SBCredits In MinutesPartier1/08/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 RadiumOne20 SBCredits InstantlyPartier8/01/11



Save Big at the Kmart Back to School Sale! RadiumOne14 SBCredits InstantlyPartier7/29/11
Whats You RealAge?Slider/RadiumOne34 SBCredits In a MinutePartier7/28/11
Offer Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 - 20 SB RadiumOne20 SBCredits InstantlyPartier7/25/11
Free Love Compatibility Test! Peanut Labs32 SBCredits InstantlyPirate7/21/11
Sign Up For Free Info On Living With Diabetes Peanut Labs29 SBCredits InstantlyPirate7/21/11
Get FREE Auto Insurance Quotes! Peanut Labs22 SBCredits InstantlyPirate7/21/11
Sign Up For Home Depot - Get Alerts On New Products and Low Prices. RadiumOne/Slider11 SBCredits In Minutesputt7/15/11
Get 7 FREE Swagbucks! SWagbucks Homepage24 PointsCredits Instantlyangelababy7/13/11
As if drinking Coke® weren't fun enough already. RadiumOne8 SBCredits Instantlyangelababy7/12/11
Do You Have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? RadiumOne12 SBCredits InstantlyPartier7/12/11
Find a government grant to pay for education - FREE! RadiumOne24 SBCredits In a few minutesPartier7/12/11
Lunchables Jewels Purse - 23 SB Trial Pay23 SB Credits Instantlyblue7/11/11
Get 8 Free Swagbucks Swagbucks Homepage8 SB Credits InstantlyXxlolMasterxX7/11/11
Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer Slider/RadiumOne20sb Credits Instantlyrockin-robin7/11/11
Watch Your SBs Grow In Threes - Bonus Bucks Swagbucks HomepageAmount Can VaryCredits In A Few MinutesPartier7/08/11
Get rewarded in Swagbucks for taking a survey! RadiumOne/Slider54 SBCredits In about 30 minutesPartier7/07/11
Tag Your Green TrialPay11 SBCredits Instantlyrockin-robin7/07/11
Sign up FREE for a private wine membership! Slider/RadiumOne41 SBCredits In about an hourrockin-robin7/07/11
Announcing New SnackWell's Be Bad. Slider/RadiumOne5 SB Credits InstantlyPartier7/07/11
Out of a job? Find one near you! (Resume) Slider/RadiumOne20 SB Credits In 2 hoursNinjamod7/06/11
Out of a job? Find one near you! Slider/RadiumOne14 SB Credits In 2 hourssgt. fail7/06/11
Fubar Offer Slider/RadiumOne8 SB Credits InstantlyDamikk7/05/11
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Win Groceries for a Year Tapjoy64 ZB Credits In MinutesPartier7/02/11
Register for My Coke Rewards online. Payment Wall6 SB Credits InstantlyPirate7/01/11
Save Big All Weekend at the Kmart 4th of July Sale! Slider/RadiumOne5 SB Credits InstantlyXxlolMasterxX7/01/11
My Coke RewardsTrialPay11sb Credits Instantlyangelababy6/29/11

Fast is now beautiful with Internet ExplorerSlider/RadiumOne20sb Credits Instantlyrockinrobin6/29/11
Windows Phone OfferSlider/RadiumOne11SB Credits InstantlyDamikk6/29/11
Get 8 Free Swagbucks Swagbucks Homepage8 SB Credits Instantlybreadcrumblady6/28/11
Free Online Poker Super Rewards13SB Credits In 15 MinutesPartier6/28/11
Save Hundreds A Year On Auto Insurance Super Rewards11SB Credits In 15 MinutesPirate6/28/11
Play Slots on Facebook! Super Rewards4SB Credits In 15 Minutesputt6/28/11
Windows Phone OfferSlider/RadiumOne11SB Credits InstantlyPirate6/28/11
Roadside Assistance Peanut Labs24SB Credits In 15 Minuteshtowntex6/28/11
Looking to get new rates on your auto insurance? Payment Wall14 SB Credits In Hoursputt6/28/11
Windows Phone OfferSlider/RadiumOne8SB Credits InstantlyPartier6/28/11
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Windows Phone Offer Slider/RadiumOne8 SB Credits InstantlyPartier6/27/11
Learn More About Rheumatoid Arthritis Tapjoy36 SB Credits In 15 MinutesPartier6/27/11
Windows Phone Offer Slider/RadiumOne16 SB Credits Instantlyrockin-robin6/27/11
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Get MTV hot & fresh in your browser along with Free Swag Bucks Social vibe above the offer walls6sb Credits InstantlyPirate6/25/11
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Check out the new Gadget Deals Slider3sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/24/11
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Don't have the nerve to tell your friends? Let Duke say it for you! RadiumOne/Slider11sb Credits Instantlybreadcrumblady6/22/11
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People who switched to Allstate saved an average of $348 per year. Quote Now! RadiumOne/Slider38 SBCredits In 12 hoursPIrate6/21/11
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Play Yiayia’s GIFs of Disapproval! RadiumOne/Slider7 SBCredits InstantlyPartier6/20/11
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Announcing New SnackWell's Be Bad. RadiumOne/Slider6 sbCredits InstantlySwagholic6/20/11
Intuit Websites Swagbucks Home Page8 zbCredits InstantlyPirate6/20/11
Windows Phone Offer Slider/RadiumOne17 sbCredits InstantlyDamikk6/20/11
Do you suffer from Diabetes? Slider/RadiumOne34sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/18/11
Learn from experts on almost any topic in LIVE RadiumOne/Slider9sb Credits InstantlyPirate6/18/11
Roadside Assistance. Never pay unless you use it! RadiumOne/Slider27sb Credits In One MinutePirate6/18/11
Save Big at the Kmart Father’s Day Sale! RadiumOne/Slider14 SBCredits InstantlyPartier6/18/11
Humira - Are you suffering from allergies? RadiumOne/Slider14 sbCredits InstantlyPartier6/17/11
Symbicort - Breathe Easier with help! RadiumOne/Slider27 zbCredits InstantlyPirate6/17/11
Win Amazing PrizesGambit53 SBCredits InstantlyBreadcrumblady6/16/11
MSN Leader of the Now RadiumOne14 sbCredits InstantlyPirate6/15/11
Save up to 99% on Brand Name Popular Products! Gambit21 sbCredits In 15 MinutesPartier6/15/11
Discover One Amazing New Product Every Day Super Rewards13 sbCredits In 1 HourBreadcrumblady6/14/11
Would you like Free Health Insurance Quotes? Slider/RadiumOne13 sbCredits InstantlyPartier6/14/11
Humira Slider/RadiumOne14 sbCredits In 15 MinutesBreadcrumblady6/14/11
Get Local Deals - Up to 75% off! Tapjoy36 sbCredits In 5 Minutestk4226/14/11
Qualify For Your No Cost Meter & Diabetic Meal Planning Tools Tapjoy43 sbCredits InstantlyPartier6/14/11
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You could save over $500 a year on car insurance. Tapjoy23 sbCredits InstantlyPartier6/12/11
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Are you or someone you know suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis?Tapjoy21sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/12/11
You Can Do More to Manage Your Heart's Health. Click Here Now!Tapjoy29sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/12/11
Summer is coming! Get Healthy Learn more….Tapjoy36sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/12/11
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Tag Your Green and earn Swag Bucks! Slider/RadiumOne21sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/12/11
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Healthcondusive RadiumOne14 sbCredits In 15 minutesBfg6/08/11
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Free Product Samples & Savings RadiumOne25 sbCredits In 1 HourPutt6/04/11
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Save BIG June 2nd-4th at the Kmart 3-Day Sale! Slider/RadiumOne14sbCredits InstantlyBfg6/04/11
Check out Alaskan CruisesRadiumOne1sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/04/11
GET FREE Auto INSURANCE QUOTES RadiumOne13sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/04/11
Your chance to win an amazing escape!RadiumOne10sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/04/11
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Install Pockie Ninja on Facebook PaymentWall6sb Credits In 30 minutesNikki6/03/11
K-Mart Coupon - click to print Slider/RadiumOne14sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/02/11
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Qualify for your No Cost Meter and Diabetic meal planning tools SuperRewards15sb Credits InstantlyPartier6/01/11

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