Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Age Offer

Real Age is an offer that is usually found on radiumone, peanutlabs, and sponsorpay.
Click start the test to get to the form part of the offer
Fill out the form.  The requirements for Real Age often change but Female age 40+ is usually good to use. We often use the birth year 1960 for this offer and the zip code 90210.  Click Next at the bottom of the page
Stop on the next page and wait for the offer to credit you do not actually need to take the test.  Taking the test may cause the offer to not credit at all.

Xiaflex/Dupuytren's Contracture Offer

Xiaflex is an offer that pops up often on the walls Radiumone, Peanutlabs, and Sponsorpay.  It may also be titled as Dupuytren's contracture.
You will need often need to click an ad on the next page.  If it doesn't load you cannot do the offer until the day after usually.
Banners will look like this
On the xiaflex page after you click the add you want to select find a doctor a box for a zip code will pop up.  Note to get this offer to credit you must have a doctor available within 10 miles of the zip code you provide.  We suggest you use the zip code 94520

Scroll down on the page after to see if the zip code has results.

Saving Star

step 1 go to click register.  fill out registration.  click my account top right corner to see your account number
step 2 go to radiumone and open up savingstar offer use 04426 for your zip code
step 3 enter the account number from hanna ford
step 4 confirm email from savingstar