Monday, August 1, 2016

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How to Earn more  


Info on every type of SwagCode - Please read for info on iSpy, Stealth, and Unique codes, extravaganzas, and more!

Search -  

10/16 - 10/20 -Team Challenge - OVER!
 Important Update* Swag Ups for qualifying members will be made available on Monday, October 23rd by 5pm PT and will expire on Friday, November 10th at 11:59pm PT.

10/23 - 10/27 - SWAGO - Complete activities on your board and submit for a bonus.
  • Your Swago Board is active from October 23 at 9AM PT through October 27 at 12PM PT.


6/16 - Change to SwagUps - You may need go to your swagup ledger page and activate the swagup before you can use it.

7/10 - Visa Gift Cards -

Swagbucks MOBILE APPS - For todays app limits, notes, and other tips please read -->

6/22 -SB Mobile app 'Watch' - You can run watch from the Swagbucks Mobile app, 6 vids for 2 SB. You can run the Watch app and SB Mobile app watch at the same time.

4/30 - Check your mobile apps in the evening to see if the limits have reset - they have been resetting around 6pm PT/9pm ET

10/20 - Swagbucks Watch (toolbarTV) 
  • 2/18 - WSJ channel runs a very long time without repeat videos,  unlike other channels that will only run for an hour or two (ty to user "stupidness")

 Click here to join!
Learn about Instagc here: 

New InstaGC code(s) posted 10/20/2017, click here to get it -->  
  Be sure you complete one offer in the past 5 days to be able to redeem codes.

;gift 10/15 - 12/31/2017 - Holiday Bonus  - Click HERE to join InstaGC!

The Holiday bonus event is now active. Earn up to a 10% bonus from Oct 15th through Dec 30th.
This year we have made some changes to the event to have it work in conjunction with your current weekly bonus. No more need to reach specific goals to unlock a higher percentage. You will earn the same way you do now for the weekly bonus.
During the holiday bonus period you will be able to earn a maximum 10% bonus every week for your activity on site. We will be increasing the amount of bonus units you earn from all activities as well to make reaching the max bonus easier (up to 200 units daily instead of 100 units).
The holiday bonus will also feature a bonus unit rollover. 50% of your total bonus earned for a week will "rollover" to the following week giving you a headstart in earning the highest bonus you can.

New! 8/26/16 - Free to enter Daily Sweepstakes! 
Enter here:
3/20 - Error code 9999 - Possible work-around, try it regardless of your device, you may get it to work! - Thanks to BrokeMom -  Click and read -->

Learn about DollarTracks here:

Be sure to check the NEWS (on the right side) often for updated and bonus opportunities.

There are several ways you will earn more for your time on DollarTracks!

  • 15% more - AutoSurf - run this in insane gear and you are getting $1.50 for every $10 you earned on site
  • 7% more - The Vault - Deposit your converted points and after 45 days you get 7% more
  • Daily Bonuses - Earn 1-5 % more based on how much you earn
  • Free to enter drawings - Held every 2 hours, every day, and every week! Get free tickets for every $1 you earn, you can win as much as $5!
  • Top earner contest - Top three earners for the week can win as much as $10!

On RewardableTV, enter the bonus code "PSWAG"

You can use up to 7 phones per household to run this app. 

  • Download it here:
  • Register with real name and PayPal email, and enter the referral code PSWAG
  • Tap the TV icon bottom left and let sit, it will run a gif or a video, then an ad
  • Points will show in balance in about an hour
  • Be sure to clear cache often same way we do for any other apps
  • Payments are usually received 10 business days after cash out

 Learn about Perk here: 
  • New Perk code  10/16/2017 "STACK" 25 points
  • PERK MOBILE APPS - click the link above to learn about the many Perk apps

If you are having trouble logging on to, try, try different browsers, IE has worked for some

 Learn about GiftHulk here:

New Gifthulk code posted 10/18/2017, click here to get it -->

2/21 - If you have had trouble signing in please read --> You may receive a similar email from them containing a temporary password.

 Learn about Checkpoints here:

You can now run this app on 10 phones for 1 account!!


New Irazoo code posted every night, click here to get it -->

Please check that codes are still active, some have been available for longer than one day.

Click the banner above if you'd like to join! Similar to SB.

August 2016 - ZoomBucks is now GrabPoints. Log in to with your ZoomBucks email and your points will automatically be transferred. 

New GrabPoints codes get posted in the chat at Several are released daily, be sure to scroll!

Shopping rebate apps -

EBates - Sign up HERE  Click for your free $10 gift card (after qualifying purchase) and check if the store you want to shop at has a higher cash back that SB Shop n Earn

Amazon - Amazon doesn't offer cash back, but if you'd like to shop thru the SBCodez link click HERE
Shop n Earn - Several sites offer shop n earn cash back, check SB, InstaGC, and Perk to see who offers the highest for the store you'd like to shop at.

NEW MyGiftCardsPlus - Buy giftcards and EARN SWAGBUCKS! - Read about it here -->

thanks to all users for help on this list!

  • Updated list coming soon!
  • If a phone is listed here that means it should work for all  apps.
  • PRICES for these phones change often! You really shouldn't have to spend more than $20 for a phone you are going to kill running apps.
  • In theory any phone android 4.4 or higher should work. There are few exceptions.
  • We recommend you use Androids to run apps. Phones can and will burn out, so do not use expensive iOS for apps, Also you are able to revery to old versions of apps using APK's if needed, you are not able to on iOS.
  • ByPass Instructions are listed for some phones. Most phones do not require special instructions, if you have trouble, please google it. 
  • If you need older versions of apps, or APK's for your kindle, please visit:
  • How many devices do you need? A very loose suggestion: 
    • 1 phone to run SB nCrave
    • 1 phone for Checkpoints 
    • up to 5 phones for Rewardable

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