Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to get offers to credit

The following are all the instructions and posts to read to get offers to credit. Please follow all the instructions, not just one or two, if you want offers to credit.

You can NOT use adblock on GPT sites!! We get paid to interact with ads, having adblock will make offers and videos not work.

1. Use FIREFOX, offers credit best in Firefox. There are very few offers that prefer chrome.

**Some offers will credit best in a private browsing window (like lifescripts), others wont credit at all. Open private window in the FF menu, log into site, do offer, wait for credit, close, repeat. Experiment with this to see which offers will credit this way. This does not mean you shouldnt still clear cookies and cache (below)

If an offer refuses to credit on Firefox, try a different browser, like Chrome. Other people prefer Opera, Maxthon, Ice Dragon (firefox based), Comodo Dragon (chrome based), Pale Moon. Find what works and use it! 

2. Clear cookies and cache:
3. Use emails:

4. Leave tabs open: After you do an offer and it doesnt credit right away, leave all tabs and windows from that offer open for at least 15 minutes. If no credit after that you can close everything. The offer may still credit, or you can clear cookies and cache and try again.

5. Do not use your own phone number:

6. Create a dummy printer:

7. Clear cookies and cache again Razz

8. Not all offers credit: Do not get discouraged. Clear cookies and cache and try again with a fresh email, or try tomorrow, try every day until it credits. Some offers are the exact same offer with a different skin, mostly email submit offers. These do not credit all the time and sometimes need a week or more before this type will credit for you again. Just keep trying.

9. Learn which offers credit: The more offers you do, the better you will get to know which are more likely to credit, and which probably wont. This comes with time and experience. You can find a list of crediting offers with instructions here:

10. Do not do credit card offers unless you are willing to be charged. Not all of them are easy to cancel, and some offers will reverse your credits if you cancel.

11. Do not do downloads: Download offers are full of spyware, malware, and other junk you do not want on your computer:

12. Viruses: Some offers will get blocked by your antivirus program, just close them and move on:
13. Run malwarebytes every night while you sleep:

14. Lurk and learn, and use the scroll bar: There is always tons of crediting offers and surveys, tips, freebies, help, jokes, codes posted in the chat at

15. Changing IP - please read here:


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