Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gifthulk - how to earn

If you would like to join GiftHulk -->   <-- ref link    JM267144  <-- sign up code. Thank you.

1a - Guess The Card - Do your daily cards before any other earning, you're hoping for a boost. Under the Win tab - Guess the card.  Pick a suit and a rank.  Instead of switching every time, stick with the same you have a better of chance of winning.  Also if you  connect with a facebook or twitter account, you will earn more points with every win.  ( connecting is under the social tab - when you hover your name).
***suggestion - if you only have a small number of chips to play with you may want to opt for the better odds of just choosing the suit, if you have 60 chips then rank and suit may be a better option.

1b - Boosts - Boosts will increase your earning on offers by as much as you win. For example a 1000 hulkcoin offer with a 14% boost is now worth 1140. Boosts do not apply to tv, Fountain of Youth codes, Jokers, and searching. If you win more than one boost on the card game the highest boost will be the one that is used first. You can find which boosts you have won in your ledger and see which is currently active on the home page under the goal bar.

2 - FOY Codes - If you win a foy code ( fountain of youth) in the Guess the Card game be sure to enter it for yourself first before sharing with others.  They are entered under the win tab > Fountain of Youth. Occasionally they will send a FOY via email, but this rarely happens.

3 - Survey Dash - Be sure and check in on the survey dash every day for your free 5 points. Earn > surveys > get started  > check in.

4 - GHTV - Just like SBTV. Earn upto 400hc daily. Click the random next video button to go to the next video after credit.

5 - Offers, Tasks & Surveys - These can be completed on GH too.

Here is the link to ez coin offers that credit. We update as often as we find new offers on the ez coins wall.

6 - Search - you will get 4hc for the first search (one time every hour) don't forget to open at least one of the search results. Occasionally GH changes the search to one win every 10 minutes.

7 - Hyprmx Videos - (same as juns) On the GH homepage click *you have xx videos to watch*  --->

then scroll down and click launch targeted videos --->

8 - Other Videos - You will also find Vol11 & Youtube videos on the same page as Hyprmx.

9 - Radio Loyalty - The Radio Loyalty link can be found just below the Hyprmx link. There is also a Vol11 Radio Loyalty link. We do not recommend Radio on any site, they tend to ban, and it is a terrible resource hog.

10 -  Levels - The more lifetime Hulkcoins you earn the higher the level you achieve and with each new level you will receive more cards for the guess the card game AND higher discounts and faster delivery on giftcards.

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