Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bing Rewards

Bing is a search engine that will pay you to search, how easy is that?

If you would like to join Bing Rewards please click the banner above.

Earn $$$$ searching on Bing

Up To 5 Accounts - Bing allows up to 5 accounts per household (5 per IP) if you make more than 5 they will be deactivated. Each account MUST be in a different name each with a unique email address (use Outlook emails but do not use aliases). Each account should have its own unique physical address. Bing usually asks for phone verification when you cash out, it is best to use at least 2 real phone numbers across your 5 accounts. Landlines and cell phones are both acceptable but Pinger and google voice will not work. Do not refer accounts in your own household, you will get banned.

One Computer - It is ok to log in to all 5 accounts using the same computer.

Cashing Out - NEVER cash out on more than one account on the same day. Rewards are sent to your email within 24 hours.

As of July or August 2015 500sb swagcodes are no longer available from Bing Rewards.

As of October 31, 2015 Tango card will be no longer available

Daily Points - Each account earns 15 credits a day plus 1 or 2 extra credits from one click offers or trivia. When your account reaches Gold Status (at 750 lifetime credits) it may or may not upgrade to a 30 daily credits account, whether it upgrades or not is totally random.

Search - 15 credit accounts will get 1 credit for every 2 searches (30 searches = 15 credits).
Credit Value - 1 Bing credit = approximately 1 cent depending on the reward you choose and your status.

Status - When you have earned 200 credits you get upgraded to Silver Status, when you reach 750 credits you will be upgraded to Gold Status. You must complete 150 searches each month to maintain your Gold status.

Reset Time - Bing resets at Midnight for whatever time zone you live in (or have it set to) you can change this time to make reset more convenient to you.

Referrals - Invite your friends to join Bing Rewards and you will receive 500 credits when they reach Silver Status. Do not refer accounts in your own household.

Bing Mobile Rewards - Earn an extra 10 credits per day searching on your mobile device (android & IOS) by logging in to on any mobile browser. If you have trouble with this look in your appropriate app store for the Bing mobile app. If you have compatibility issues with Android, allow installations from unknown sources and use the following:

App For Android -

App For IOS -

Double Credits - Bing occasionally sends emails informing of double credit days.

post edited 10/15/2015, thanks to abacus for help on this

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