Wednesday, October 29, 2014

InstaGC - How to earn

"Receive points by clicking to visit sites, listening to music, completing offers, shopping, completing tasks, signing up for trials, watching videos."
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1. Signing up and cashing out

Be sure to use your real info to sign up, including name and address and phone number if it asks for one. You will need to verify this information with your first cash-out of a $1 check. When choosing a username its a good idea to choose a name that is different from any other site, including Swagbucks and sbcodez. You will also need to set a security pin number when prompted.

Instagc has one of the largest rewards stores, tons of gift cards to choose from, or you can order a check which you will receive by mail in about 10 days or less. Paypal is available for users who have earned $50 or more. Hover over REDEEM at the top of the page to see your options. When you cash out for a gift card you are instantly sent a code you can print out or apply to an account.

2. Read the guides - Instagc has provided their own guides which you should read through before getting started. You can find them here -->

3. Easy Daily earning - easy clicking things you can do every day

 Like a Star @ heaven Visit sites: These are easy points, they reset daily at midnight eastern. You can do these the same as the Radium One videos, open a few, wait until they credit, close, repeat.

Like a Star @ heaven Encraves: These are the same Encrave as on SB, finish the set and earn points.

 Like a Star @ heaven Radio Loyalty: Listen for 30 minutes, enter the craptcha, earn 3 points (sometimes these are delayed credit)

 Like a Star @ heaven Watch videos and HyprMx: HyprMx videos are just like Jun Videos on Swagbucks

 Like a Star @ heaven Search the Web: You can get a few extra points a day doing legitimate searches. You can be banned from the search function for cursing and incoherent searches.

4. Offers - You do offers the same way as anywhere else: use firefox, clear cookies and cache often, and use lots of fresh unused outlook emails.

Offers on instagc often pay more than Swagbucks.

 Like a Star @ heaven It is very important you use the same name and address you signed up with to do offers on instagc. They do check and will ban you if they find inconsistencies. Junk emails can also get you banned, so use outlook emails.

 Like a Star @ heaven On the right side of the page, either above or below their chat box, you will see a real time crediting offer ticker. You can click the offers if you want to try them. If the offer mentions a certain wall, it will take you to that wall, if it doesn't, then it is an instagc offer and will take you directly to the offer.

5. Crowdflower Tasks - These tasks are very popular on instagc, and they pay much higher than Swagbucks. You can find them here --> You will need to make a CF account, or sign in when prompted. The more tasks you complete, and the better your rank, the more tasks you will have to do and will also have opportunities to earn bonuses.

6. Codes - Codes are randomly released by instagc or provided by users.

Please see our instagc code page here --> Try any older codes, they may still be active.

Some users choose to purchase a code to share with other users, just contact support, tell them how much you want the code to be worth and for the number of users and they will deduct the total from your account. (example, a 2 point code for 100 users = 200 points)


Some features are only shown to those members who are more active.
Here is a current breakdown of some perks you would receive after being more active and earning more points:
At $5+ earned/redeemed:
-> Access to create your own point booster codes.
-> Access to participate in Sweepstakes.
-> Access to participate in the weekly decimal pot.
-> Access to Minute Staff earning area.
-> Access to high paying surveys.
At $50+ redeemed:
-> Access to live member chat.
-> Access to PayPal reward option, featuring instant cashouts.

 FYI - TAXES and INACTIVITY - If you try to cash out for $600 or more in a calendar year Instagc will ask you for your social security number, please read

After 6 months without earning, Instagc will close your account, so keep earning.

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