Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phone numbers for offers

You should never use a personal phone number for offers, you will get lots of spammy phone calls. There are a few options you can use other than your personal phone number.

Google Voice - Follow instructions for creating Google Voice numbers. You can make and receive calls with Google voice.

Skype - You can use Skype to make toll free calls, other calls will require you to add money to your skype account.

Pinger/Text Free App - Download to your mobile device (tablets too) and register for a phone number in your area. You can make and receive phone calls and receive sms text messages from these numbers. Easy to get a fresh phone number by logging out and creating a new account. You have a limited number of minutes for each phone number.

For iOS:

For android:

Please read for more info on kindle and Google Play

Burner phones - these are real cell phones that can be purchased almost anywhere, usually no contract with pre-paid minutes.

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