Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Troubleshooting SB apps

Below are a few tips if your SB apps keep freezing as well as a few additional tips to get the most from your devices and apps

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. If not update, or uninstall the old and install the latest version. If apps simply are not working properly, uninstall and re-install,

2. Clear app cache, this is mostly important for android, not as much for iOS. For instructions how to do this, please read:

3. Force stop the app

4. Reboot your device

5. If frozen on a black screen tap the top right corner where at other times there is an X, this may close the bad ad and load the next video

6. If frozen on an ad, either tap X in the top right corner to close the ad, or tap the screen, this may pop up an X to tap either at the botton of the screen, or in one corner. You may need to rotate your device to be able to click the X, or the correct corner.

7. If tapping X's or the corner where there would be an X doesnt work, try clicking the back button

8. Only if frozen mid video, try tapping 'done' in the top right corner

9. It is not recommended that you rush your way thru the app by clicking done or closing all ads. This is essentially cheating. SB has hidden timers tied to your ledger, so if you complete too quickly, this may raise flags on your account. Also, any ad blocking or auto clicking is also cheating, do not do this.

10. Remember to favorite short videos, some short videos are listed in the forum posts for each individual app.

11.New tip 8/16/16 - from  user forepaugh - If you continue to get bad ads, you can try this temporary fix: Reset your google ad id on the device that is having problems. You can find instructions how to do this HERE

12. New tip 3/20/17 - from edith - If your apps get stuck, try toggling your wifi on your device off and on, this may get them running again.

When looking for one of the short videos listed on the apps forum pages, use the search function on the app to confirm you have it. Search results are returned in the same order that they appear in the whole list. Use it as a guidepost. If a video’s name comes up close in the search results, it will be close in full list

REMINDER the apps are poorly written, and sometimes there are bad ads, you just have to baby sit them a bit until they run smoothly.  Like a Star @ heaven If you like, you can try another device, but bad ads are in the app itself, not your device.

Earn faster with your device with the following steps:

1. Disable or uninstall any bloatware apps that came installed on your device. Clear their cache too.

2. Disable or set sleep mode to 'always on'. This will prevent the device from stopping the app from running constantly

3. Lower the screen brightness, this will save some battery life.

4. Disable the sync

5. If you have it, set device to airplane mode, wifi only

6. Clear app cache often, this will help the videos load faster

How to disable updates- please read

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