Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do not save your swagbucks


There are a few reasons you should not save your Swagbucks in your account.

Swagbucks is known for deactivating accounts at any given time.  Should your account be deactivated, you will lose all your Swgbucks AND anything you have ordered! It hurts a lot less to lose 1000 sb's than 10,000!!

Swagbucks reviews your account before processing your gift card order to check for exploitation and cheating. They tend to look closer at accounts with bigger cash out amounts.. cash outs of 2500 sb or less seem to be the safest.

You should NEVER cash out more than 2500 sb at a time, or in a day. Do not save for a giftcard higher than 2500 sb.. once you hit 2500 sb's in your account you should be cashing out right away. If you only want smaller gift cards, like $5, $10, $15 ones, don't wait, just order them. There are no discounts for ordering higher amount gift cards, so it is silly to order gift cards larger than $25 (2500 sb).

You do not, and should not, wait to receive your last ordered gift card before you order your next one.

After you purchase the gift card in the Rewards Store, it will take 7-14 business days for your gift card code to be in your account under 'My Gift Cards' ( They may come faster, but you can't get antsy until after the specified time.

You should periodically check on your orders to make sure they are still verified and need no further action. Check them under the 'Order Status' page ( If it asks you to email for approval, then do it. Only Swagbucks can tell you what they need to verify your order.

NEVER save gift cards to your account, if by chance you get deactivated, you will lose access to them. As soon as you receive them, either print them out, save the links and codes to a file, or add them to your store account (for example Amazon, Walmart, Target).

Limits on gift cards are one $25 discounted gift card per calendar month and 2 of any gift card per day. There are no other limits.(gas and paypal are not discounted)

Another reason to cash out:

"The SB you accumulate in your account must be redeemed within two years from the date of issuance, after which time they will be null and void. Accounts that have not been logged into for six months or more are deemed inactive and SB earned in these accounts are null and void."  You can read this HERE

Also, about Swagstakes...  This is like gambling, you spend your hard earned SB & you may not win! SB's are too hard to come by to throw them away... we suggest you save them, but if you really want to gamble, good luck!

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