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NEW POST 2/26/2015! Crediting offers!

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Special Tip - You can find other offers that may work for you by changing the numbers at the end of the link below, so try 679, 678, 677, etc. After you get thru all of them, you can work your way up to find newer offers. Lots of offers will be expired, or may not work for you, but you may find some gems!


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ZTE Zinger (android 4.4) $19.98

LG Optimus Fuel (android 4.4) $19.99

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clinical Trials

The follow are some tips for high paying clinical trials

  • Clinical trials, generally Accurian trials, can be found on offer walls, survey sites, home pages, almost anywhere.
  • If you qualify, be sure to go to the end of the survey, you will need to select a doctor and get to second thank you page for credit.
  • If the survey is in another language, click the dropdown top right of survey to change language.
  • If the zip code you select is full, use the back button to go back to beginning and try another.
  • To find out what each clinical trial requires to qualify, visit the links below and look up the trial qualifications before you fill out the survey. Special thanks to babyswag for this tip
  • Use the same links to find zip codes that will work for the clinical trials too Special thanks to Avi and Deval for the trial links

The following are some clinical trial qualifications that have been posted in the chat at Thank you to everyone who posted them.

Dust Mites Study - Dust mites allergy, no other allergies,1 year or longer, sneezes/itchy eyes/watery eyes, over the counter meds, asthma, singular,no inhalers, Hospital 1 year ago
Diabetes Study -  Type 2 diabetes, not overweight, taking starlix no inject no other meds no diabetic complications

Emphysema trial - have emphysema and copd, quit smoking 3 year ago, taking a steroid
High Cholesterol  - please read what worked for someone else here and here

Asthma  - you have asthma 1-2 years, you use an inhaler (Albuterol) almost every day / say NO to everything else

Eczema - You have eczema  say NO to all other health conditions / Use lotions - no pills / injections. You have moderate/severe reaction

Hepatitis B  - Zipcode 23502 6mos or longer, Not taking either medicine, no kidney dialysis, pick doctor  instant credit

Teen smoking trial - used zip 70116 14 year old female child smokes 5 or more a day no other health condition

Child Asthma - Instructions here: and here

Teen depression, Estudio de investigacion clinica para... - Have a teen with depression, say yes to individual therapy, no to everything else including meds, zip code 32751

Offers that Credit

The following is a list of crediting offers that have been posted in the chat at

  • This list will be updated a couple times a day, with the newest batch posted at the top. 
  • Please scroll down and try all offers.
  • Not everyone has the same offers.
  • These offers can be done on whatever site you like, not all sites have all offers, and some sites may pay higher for the same offer.
  •  Surveys will not be posted here, as they meet quotas quickly. Please look in the chat to find these.
  • Thank you to everyone who posts offers in the chat with instructions!
  • If you would like to contribute, post in the chat and follow the template in Todays Notes here:
  • DO NOT repost an offer just so your name will show here as a contributor

Before you complain that offers don't credit

please read and follow ALL instructions:

As of 3/2/15, 9 pm eastern

to the left: :dolla HP, Play Earn 150sb Register and READ what it tells you to do, earn 50sb for registration, go to My Activities and earn another 100 when you take the survey titled Swagbuck Relaunch

stephxoxo: :dollaPersonaly moms business network 21 sb submit first 2 pages instant credit

stephxoxo: :dolla TP Quality Health 22 sb fill out form and submit 1st page instant credit

to the left: :dolla SR Inflammatory Bowel Disease 18sb First page submit, credits 10 minutes or less
As of 3/2/15, 4 pm eastern

BadWolf: :dolla Toro - MLife - 21SB - click banner, submit email, fill out form, check email for verification code, submit code - credits in 1 min -

MonteSS: :dolla pl crohns 68 sb - 1st page submit, Instant credit If doesnt credit click no thank you next few pages

Stupidness: :dolla SB Coupon Madness (from Blog) - When you print 10 or more coupons from now through the end of March you’ll earn 25 Swag Bucks (1-time bonus, will credit in mid-April 2015)

As of 3/2/15, Noon eastern

to the left: :dolla Personaly RebTel 24 sb Fill 2 pages, use pinger number, receive call and confirm, I also opened email, not sure thats necessary, credited 30 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla Personaly DreamLoveDate 21sb First page submit, confirm email, credits 20 minutes or less (didnt until I cleared cookies/cache)

 As of 3/2/15, 10:45 am eastern

to the left: :dolla RU Free Guide - HepC 14sb First page submit, credits 5 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla TP SCJohnson Hot Mess Daily Break 11sb Register, click tru and skip, print coupon

to the left: :dolla TP NetSpend Visa Prepaid 45sb First page submit, credits 5 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla TP SaveaSaurus 22sb Register first page, skip thru a couple things in offer path, no need click thru more than 3

to the left: :dolla TP Pretty Priceless 4sb Click Join Now, then one page submit, comfirm in email

to the left: :dolla TP Energy Citizens 11 sb Continue to enter offer, then first page submit

As of 3/1/15, 7:00 pm eastern

BadWolf: :dolla PL - Hotel Watchdogs - 10SB - search location and click a result (I clicked on 3) - credits in about 3mins -

 Youmukon: :dolla Toro AARP - Rewards For Good 31sb Second page sumbit. Register as age 45+. Instant credit

As of 3/1/15, 12:30pm eastern
to the left: :dolla Toro Daily Break SC Johnson 14sb (this hot mess is everyewhere) Register, click thru, print coupon

to the left: :dolla Personaly MLife 20sb Click banner ad, enter email, register one page, get code from email and submit

As of 2/28/15, 8:30pm eastern

to the left: :dolla PL Get in shape for new year (surveysamplessaving) 60sb Enter email 1st page, wait for "your email valid" (seconds), submit, fill 2nd page from 1st tab, submit, instant credit

tequila: :dolla SR Macy's vs Kohls 38sb 2nd page submit delayed credit

sunnydaze: :dolla PL Search for different auto insurance. 9 sb, click 2 ads and 2 results and credits w/in 2 min

sunnydaze: :dolla PL Escape the cold & head down to Kissimmee, FL. 9sb. Click on offer, then click on 'Continue' & credits instantly

to the left: :dolla SR 60 second Life Insurance 56sb First page submit, let sit, credits 20 minutes or less

 As of 2/28/15, 3:30pm eastern

tequila: :dolla SR Household Budget Helpers 12sb click banner ad 1st page submit let sit credits 5 min or less

anniey: :dolla SR lose weight quickly with yummy gummies 8sb Click banner ad,  print coupon credits 10 minutes or less

Carla: :dolla Reading on the Go 10sb first page submit (use fresh info) credits 10 minutes or less

Carla: :dolla HP or Join Bookperk 10sb first page submit (use fresh info) credits instantly

As of 2/28/15, 12:40pm eastern

to the left: :dolla PL Feel your flirty side/Daily Break 14sb Register, answer 4 questions, print coupon

to the left: :dolla PL Earning Station 34sb Click continue, register one page, confirm account in email

to the left: :dolla AdWall House Party Prize (Hot Mess/Daily Break) 14sb Register, click thru, print coupon

to the left: :dolla personaly Diaper Deals for Mommy 12sb First page submit, register as female with a child under one

to the left: :dolla personallyTheWay2Save 18sb (no Screen Shot, sorry) First page submit, credits 20 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla Toro Battleline Steel Warefare 51 sb Click play free, register one page, click to download installer, do not download, credits 5 minutes or less

tequila: :dolla Toro RealAge 17sb Click start test, fill one or two pages more, do not take entire test, credits best females over 35, instant credit

 As of 2/28/15, 10:50am eastern

girlygirl5: :dolla PL 48sb Show your support for Diabetes, first page submit, instant

 girlygirl5: :dolla PL reward tv 51 sb, sign up, don't need to play game, instant

eddieShipwreck: :dolla PL 48sb SURE DOLLARS 2nd page submit, let sit >5 mins

As of 2/27/15, 11:00pm eastern

jumanji: :dolla PL Glimpz it 17 sb answer q's and like / dislike say you want to see more credit in 5 min or less

As of 2/27/15, 4:00pm eastern

Avi: :dolla on Lifescript-Bounce banner 22sb First page subit, let sit credits in 5min.

 to the left: :dolla PL Listerine challenge, 20sb Click continue, then I'm ready, fill 2 more pages, credits on Welcome page

 to the left: :dolla personally simple tuition 24sb Register first page, click all apply buttons, let all sit, credits 20 minutes or less

 to the left: :dolla personaly Seige Lord 16sb Clicl play now, register one page, instant credit

As of 2/27/15, 2:30pm eastern

 jumanji: :dolla Snapfish 109 sb use this intruction how to do SS Credits in about an hour

bazzinga: :dolla on hp smart for life 10sb 1st pg submit, instant credit

bazzinga: :dolla on tp quality health 22sb 1st pg submit, use fresh info, credit 10min or less

bazzinga: :dolla inbox offer (same as daily break offer) 15sb

As of 2/27/15, 1pm eastern

FreezeFrame: :dolla RU Search 2sb click ads 2min or less there are 5 of them

FreezeFrame: :dolla RU Zulily 16sb sign up, confirm email, 5min or less

As of 2/27/15, 10am eastern

FreezeFrame: :dolla Search 2sb click ads 2min or less

FreezeFrame: :dolla ArcaMax 3sb summit email, confirm email, mine was in my junk folder 5min or less

 to the left: :dolla SR Mommy and Me Newsletter 10sb Email submit, credits 10 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla SR Fabletics 20sb Click get started, take style quiz, register, click shop now, credits 10 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla SR Help Expand Public Transit 28sb First page submit, credits 10 minutes or less

 to the left: :dolla SR Scott Brand Coupons 14sb Click sign up, register one page, "print" one coupon, credits 10 minutes or less

to the left: :dolla RU Learn about Kerydin 14sb Click banner ad, Register one page, Check NO to un insured question, yes to everything else, credits 5 minutes or less

FreezeFrame: :dolla Energy Solutions 21sb first page summit instant credit

to the left: :dolla RU Daily Break SCLohnson Hot Mess 16sb Register, click thru, credits when you "print" coupon

to the left: :dolla personaly Might and Magic 20sb Click play now, register one page, credits 5 minutes or less

 to the left: :dolla Toro Unsubscriber 15sb Be logged in to a email account, click simplify inbox, accept, and say yes, instant credit

As of 2/27/15, 8am eastern

jumanji: :dolla HP Revenue Universe: Daily Break - SC Johnson - Home 16 sb Firs page submit answer q's credit on challenge complete

jumanji: :dolla Toro Real Age 17 sb Click start the test, register as female over 35, fill 2 more pages, do not take entire test, credits in 5 min or less

jumanji: :dolla Toro: Alaska Tourism 14 sb First page submit let sit credit in 5 min or less

 bazzinga: :dolla on pl tips & info for hep c 102sb 1st pg submit, let sit, credits in 5min or less

jumanji: :dolla PL Sign Up to review Supplemental Health 9 sb click 2 ads and 2 results let sit credit in 10 min or less

 As of 2/26/15, 9pm eastern

:dolla Adwall offer "Estudio de investigaci√≥n cl√≠nica para" , 810sb, click top right to view in english, have a teen with depression, yes to individual therapy, no to everything else, use  zip 32751

:dolla AdWall Snapfish 131sb select 1 print, choose pay instore credits in 15

:dolla on SR 20sb whats your real age? 2nd pg submit, let sit credits <5min, be male & 35+

:dolla on PL earning station 41sb sign up, confirm email, instant credit

:dolla Personaly Sweets and Treats 16sb First page submit with type 2 and uncontrolled A1c, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla PL Pay Anywhere, accept credit cards anywhere, 22sb Second page submit, credits 20 minutes or less

:dolla Toro JustFab 12sb take style quiz, complete registration and click shop now, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla Toro Dailybreak 17sb sign up do quick answer challenge skip rest of pages to you get to completed the challenge instant credit

:dolla SR Air Optix 24sb do eye-q survey, click on ad, click free trial, feel out form and register click print certificate credits in 5 min or less

:dolla search 4sb click on ads credits 2min or less there are 4 of them

:dolla Personally Lalaloot and Cash Dazzle, 6sb each Sign up, click link to confirm in email, dont answer y/n questions, just submit, skip thru offer path, credit on congratz

:dolla SB Mobile app TP FSA clicks for 3SB each. Have to use mobile version (but not SB app). can do daily

:dolla SR Fabletics 20sb answer Q's then Fill out info on last page and let sit - credits in 5 mins or less

:dolla PL 17sb Hot Mess register, answer goofy questions, print coupon, credits 5 minutes or less

:dolla HP Mercury Magazine/ 150sb Choose 3 industry Magazines may take 14days to credit

As of  2/25/15, 11pm eastern

:dolla PL Did you watch TV last night Play two 51 sb First page submit didn't play 2 trivia games let sit credit in 5 min or less

:dolla instagc PL Tips on Living with Hep C 120pt 1st page submit, instant credit,

:dolla PL Protect your family with a 500000 life 68 sb enter zip fill pages click on green get started button

:dolla personally Battleline Steel Warfare 36sb Click play free and register, click to download, click for installer but do not install, credits 5 minutes or less

:dolla PL listerine 21 day challenge 31sb click banner ad, Click join challenge, register 2 pages, credits on welcome page

:dolla SR Rosetta Stone 14 sb Select a language and enter email, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla SR 28 Day Diabetes Meal Plan 40sb First page submit, Type 2 and yes to uncontrolled A1c, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla SR Battleline Steel Warfare 28sb Click play free and register, click to download, click for installer but do not install, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla SR Elite Sports Fitness 200sb ! First page submit, doesnt always credit, but will if its going to in 10 minutes or less

:dolla SR Atkins 12sb First page submit, click for coupon, credits 10 minutes or less

:dolla on TP we stand for energy 11sb open, click offer, submit info, instant credit

:dolla TP 45sb Netspend first page summit credits in 15 min or less

:dolla TP SavingsStar - 22sb - click sign up, register, select a store that you have a card for - Continue 2x - click no thanks - verify email - credit 30 min or less Can get a shopping card by going to and making an account

:dolla call mall energy saving serive 140sb,  OR call using pinger, listen to the spiel, agree to terms, when asked for your cc# say you no thanks. call last 5min credited in 10

:dolla HP Lose 15lb a month 10sb First page submit

:dolla SB Mobile app, TP, 37 SBs, watch 30 sec video for Games of War. Instant credit.