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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Affordable Androids

Affordable Android Tablets & Phones

Ideal for use with SBTV Mobile, Entertainow, and PerkTV Apps

The purpose of this list is to help members find very affordable devices for running Swagbucks apps and the Perktv app 24/7. They do not need to be activated and you do not need to purchase any phone plans, all of these devices can run the apps using just your home Wi-Fi

As a general rule, devices with the Kit Kat 4.4 operating system will run the apps better than older Ice Cream and Jelly Bean versions. PerkTV requires 4.0 icecream minimum (better with 4.1 jellybean).

------------------------------ANDROID PHONES ----------------------------------------

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ZTE Whirl 2 - Net 10 - (3½" screen) - $19
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - 1.2GHz processor
Click here to buy at Bestbuy -->

Kyocera Hydro Boost Mobile - (3½" screen) - $17-$30

Android 4.0 Ice Cream - 1GHz processor - 512mb RAM - 1GB storage
Comes with a 2GB micro SD card installed (expandable to 32GB)
Click here to buy at amazon --> kyocera Hydro Boost
Click here to buy Pre-Owned Hydro at Boostmobile --> Pre-Owned Hydro $35

Kyocera Event - Virgin - (3½" screen) - $5-$60

Android 4.0 Ice Cream - 1.2GHz Dual-core processor
Target may still have the Virgin Mobile Kyocera Event on sale for $19.99 through September. You also get a $15 Gift Card for Facebook, XBOX, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King or Chic Fila with purchase.
Call or visit your local Target to check if this offer is available in your area

This is the Target link to the phone but the sale price is only available in stores

also available at Amazon used for under $20

The Hydro and Event are not 'great' phones and need a bit more babysitting than the LG Fuel, but they will run all the Swagbucks apps and Perktv. Its a cheap way to get yourself started on the apps and will guarantee you get 1st goal at Swagbucks everyday and earn you extra dollars towards a better phone.

ZTE Concorde II - Metropcs - (4" screen) - $19-$80
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - 1.2GHz Dual-core processor
On sale at for $19
Available in selected areas only
BestBuy may pricematch this phone if it is available in your area.
Bestbuy ----->
Amazon -->

Samsung Galaxy Rush Boost Mobile - (3½" screen) - $30-$50
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean - 1GHz processor - 768mb RAM - 4GB storage
SD Card Memory upto 32GB (SD card not included)
Amazon (check used and refurbished for brand new phones at a lower price)
Click here to buy Galaxy Rush at amazon --> Samsung Galaxy Rush"
Click here to buy Pre-Owned Galaxy Rush at Boostmobile --> Galaxy Rush $49

LG Optimus Fuel - Straight Talk - (3½" screen) - $60
And LG Optimus Fuel - Net 10 - (aka L34C) (3½" screen) - $19 Sale
 Android 4.4 Kit-Kat - 1.2GHz Dual-core processor - 512mb RAM - 1.79GB storage
Comes with a 4GB micro SD card installed (expandable to 32GB)
Straight Talk version may ONLY be available in Walmart stores and at
Net 10 version is available at Walgreens and Dollar General
but call your local store first to check availability

Click here to buy Optimus Fuel at Walmart --> LG Optimus Fuel
Make certain it says *FUEL* on the box.
There are a few other similar phones in identical packaging

LG Optimus Zone II - Verizon - (3½" screen) - $50
(Same as LG Optimus Fuel just a different name)
Android 4.4 Kit-Kat - 1.2GHz Dual-core processor - 512mb RAM - 1.79GB storage
Comes with a 4GB micro SD card installed (expandable to 32GB)
BestBuy ---->

To bypass the activation on Zone II ----->  1: Turn on phone 2: On the language selection page DO NOT select a language yet, go to step 3 ---> 3: Volume Up 4: Volume Down 5: Back Button 6: Home Button 7: If it does not work you will need to restart phone and try again

Motorola Moto G - Boost/Verizon (4½" screen) - $50-$99
Look for sales

Android 4.4.2  KitKat - 1.2GHz quad-core processor - 1GB RAM - 8GB storage
Up to 24 hours battery life for mixed usage.
(Best battery life for the price out of all devices on this list)  
Please note the Verizon version cannot have the bootloader unlocked, or be rooted at this time
Boost can be unlocked and rooted.

Verizon Versions
Click here to buy Verizon Moto G at amazon --> Moto G Verizon
Click here to buy Verizon Moto G at Walmart --> Verizon Moto G

****  How to get past activation screen on Verizon MOTO G
start, then next screen swipe down the screen. click all applications- 3rd icon all the way on the right. swipe to the left to "dismiss" the phone activation app.  next screen is privacy- click "accept and continue". Click "skip" for updates for phone.

Boost Mobile Versions

Click here to buy Boost Moto G at amazon --> Moto G Boost

Bypass Activation Guide

Verizon bypass:
Boost mobile does not require anything special for bypass just press cancel to cancel the activation process  then click ok on the next screen

Trusted Survey tips

 Trusted Surveys

You can find the survey page under the Answer tab on Swagbucks,
but some of the tips are good for any survey on any site.

Please click and read the following  for more information

General survey tips:

Dont get banned! 

Disqualification and not receiving instant credit:

Survey Tips

Tips on not getting Rejected from Surveys
thanks to KEN for this

Ok so a lot of people have been asking for tips on how to get into the surveys without being thrown out. since i seem to say a lot of the same things over and over i thought it would be a good idea to put them into a thread so here are some ideas. i will keep adding as i think of more things.

ALWAYS say that you are the primary shopper in your household. if your not... lie Smile

If asked if you own or rent (or some other option) your home... YOU OWN IT!

you are always over 21 as there are a significant amount of beer surveys. i come across them quite frequently and if u say ur under 21 they obviously will not consider you a viable candidate for their survey.

If you are asked whether you or a family member work in a particular industry say NONE OF THE ABOVE. the reason for this is while they claim that they sometimes are looking for people in certain industries the truth is it is just the opposite. they want people who are unbiased and generally the industries listed are industries that might make you biased. so once again say NONE OF THE ABOVE (or whatever equivalent answer the survey allows)

often times you will come across a list of products that the survey gives u and they ask if u have ever bought or used any of the products. they are asking because one or more of the products are what the survey is about. so since you dont know ahead of time what the product is simple check all answers.
for further information on this sometimes the survey gives the name of the surveying company. for example not too long ago i took a survey that was offered from the national home buyers alliance (NHBA) Knowing this gave me a hint as to what the survey was looking for. (that particular one happened to be about replacement flooring) so sometimes you can rule out the false products (the ones they are not looking for) and thus not check them off. but if you dont feel comfortable you can always check everything.

there are similar situations to the above rule of thumb. for example sometimes they ask if u have used some products within varying amounts of time or if u intend to buy something in the near future. i generally put the closest time frame to the present and it generally works.

even if you get into the surveys the companies have little tricks to try to ensure the quality of the surveys. sometimes surveys will have something in them that will say "for quality control purposes please choose 6" or whatever it happens to be. if u genuinely answer the survey questions then you dont have to worry about these but if ur like me and dont care then skim through the page at the questions and look for anything that resembles the above example and mark the appropriate answer.

If asked have you ever heard of "insert product name here" the answer is yes. they want to see if u actually know what ur talking about when you answer the survey.

If asked if you have used a product answer yes. once again they just want to know that u know what ur talking about.

These are all simply rules of thumbs which i follow and i find to help me get into the surveys. I know there are more things and i will try to add them as i come across them. I dont consider myself special or gifted in surveys but i do believe that because i try to follow these rules of thumbs i tend to be rather successful with surveys. some of these may seem obvious and others may not but i figured if im going to make a thread on this i will be as thorough as i can. I'm posting the obvious not to insult anyone but simply for completeness. So for all of you who have read to this point thank you and good luck with those surveys! they can bring a lot of swagbucks (or whatever the currency is for site u happen to use)

Survey DQ's and No credit

How to handle survey DQ's and no credits

1. First, dont get banned!

Read how not to get banned -->

2. Profiles

Read the other sections in this forum regarding how to qualify for more surveys:

Then go to your profiles and change them to reflect your new personality. or on PL  by clicking the Settings button top right on that wall.

3. Disqualification

You can be disqualified (DQ) for any number of reasons. You may get DQ'd at any time during the survey, beginning, middle or even after you complete the entire survey.

Sometimes getting DQ'd at the end of a survey means you completed it too fast, so take your time. They want you to read each question in full.

DO NOT contact SB to complain about getting disqualified, not only will they not credit you, they really dont want to hear it.

4. No Credit/Delayed Credit

Not all surveys credit instantly. Almost all of them will tell you you will be credited in some period of time, some say 3-5 days, some say 2-6 weeks. If you get credit instantly, great! but do not expect every survey to do this.

5. Good habit:

If a survey is delayed credit, you should take notes about the survey so you can follow up later. Notes you should make are: Survey number, wall (Gold, Dashboard, PL) survey topic, length of time it states to complete (or the time it took if none provided), and the url of the survey completion page (the page before the SB success page). Train yourself to do this as you take the survey, if you wait until the very end you will not be able to capture the url of the surveys completion page. If you like you can also take a screen shot of the completion page including the url from the address bar.

Be sure to wait the full length of time the success page states for it to credit. If it says 3-5 days, then you must wait the 5 business days before contacting SB.

Dont get banned doing surveys

How not to get banned doing surveys

You can find all surveys here:


 Like a Star @ heaven Swagbucks is NOT a survey site, so you need to find several different ways to earn.

 Like a Star @ heaven People have gotten banned from swagbucks for doing too many surveys. We suggest you dont do more than 3 or 4 a day. Regardless of where the survey was from, or the reward amount, limit the number of completions to 3-4 a day. If you have one or two days where you do one or two more, thats ok, just dont do that every day.

 Like a Star @ heaven Peanut Labs surveys - if you try or complete too many surveys in a day you will get a message "Sorry, you've exceeded your survey limit for the moment. Check back soon for more survey opportunities!" Check back tomorrow for more surveys, you may need to wait a full 24 hours.


 Like a Star @ heaven Please read the other suggestions in this section of the forum for tips how to qualify and get credited for surveys.

 Like a Star @ heaven Be sure to update your profiles to reflect these new suggestions

 Like a Star @ heaven BE CONSISTENT - Providing answers in surveys that vary greatly from your profiles can get you banned, either from the survey provider or swagbucks, or any site you do surveys on. BE CONSISTENT

 Like a Star @ heaven Don't go too fast through the surveys, this can raise flags with the provider and get you less surveys in the future, or banned.

Remember- getting disqualified from surveys is part of the game, You will not always qualify, you may even think qualify and complete the survey and then get disqualified at the end and not get credit. THIS HAPPENS, just brush it off and move on.

 Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Do not send support tickets for disqualifications, swagbucks has banned people for sending too many support tickets. Remember, they can ban at any time, for any reason.

Updating Flash and Java

To avoid crashes and un-secure add-ons, keep your Flash and Java updated.

These instructions are as of 10/27/14 and thanks to Batty.


Update Flash Player to avoid FiestaHacker Exploit kit breach here:

Install from drop down menu for ALL browsers you use- after 1st install you can back page to install the next one 9S0

You do not need  to un-install unless Flash Player is not working at all, which means it is corrupted.


You do not want Java 8.25, it is an unsecure Beta version, yet Oracle has put it on their site early. If you have it, you should un-install it from your add/remove programs in your Control Panel

Un-installing Java 8 and rebooting (hard reboot not just restart: start menu>shut down) is important

Next,  go to and download the offline version 32 bot for most people, 64 bit only for users of 64 bit browsers, regardless of OS bit version.

This is for Java 7, update 71.

Do not install Java while online go off the Internets all together. Go to your Download folder and look for double click to install (will be similar for MAC OSX instead of Windows

Java install will likely cause security warnings first time you use it for something, click allow and remember to stop them.

Next big Java release should be Java 8 in spring 2015, unless this version gets hacked and Oracle has to patch it again, which is likely, lol.

Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Reboot after installations of Flash or Java to ensure it hard sets in system, this means full shut down, not just a re-start. Hard reboot is always best after installing or updating anything on your computer. start menu>shut down Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven