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UPDATED Post (6/21/2015) - Encraves - Added troubleshooting tips

New post (6/10/2015) How to stop app auto-updates

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IF YOU AREN'T RUNNING PERK MOBILE APPS YET, what the heck are you waiting for??

Perk TV - current android version 2.4.2 (6/19/15) 
--> do not update if your version runs well and credits
Perk Pop Quiz - current android version 2.7.1 (6/26/15)

You can click the title of the perk app above to take you to the 'how to download' blog page for apk's and other info.

 Keep it earning - Clear app data or uninstall and re-install the app every couple days. Do it when you cash out so you remember. Remember to check low bandwidth or lightning mode.  This will make a huge difference in how the app runs.

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Shopping rebate apps -

THIS WEEKS PHONE DEALS as of 6/30/2015
thanks to all users for help on this list!

For a list of recommended phones for apps, click HERE

MotoG (android 4.4) at BestBuy $19.99

ZTE Zinger (android 4.4) at BestBuy $19.99

LG L34C Fuel (android 4.4) at Kroger $9.99 Either Tracfone or Net10, unsure, one is $9.99, other $19.99, check in store

LG L34C Fuels (android 4.4) at Rite Aid $19.99  no flyer found, but tag on this phone in store says sale thru 6/27

LG L34C Fuels (android 4.4) at Fred Meyers $19.99

LG Optimus Fuel REFURB (android 4.4) at ebay $19.99

LG Optimus Fuel (android 4.4)  at Dollar General $9

Net10 ZTE Whirl2 (android 4.3)  at Family Dollar $9 

Whirl2 (android 4.3)  at Dollar General $9 

Net10 ZTE Z667G (aka Whirl2) (android 4.3) at Walmart $19.84

NET10 - ZTE Whirl 2 at Best Buy $19.99 

ATT Alcatel C1(android 4.2) at Bestbuy $19.99

ATT Alcatel C1(android 4.2) at Walmart  $19.99

NET10 - LG Optimus Dynamic 2 (android 4.1) at Best Buy $19.99

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

gifthulk EZ offers that credit 7

2015 #6 April thru June

Thank you very much to all the staff and members who originally posted them.
This list would not be possible without your contributions.

Here is a ref link if you have not already joined
The invite code is - JM267144

****  Special thanks to to the left and KEN for constantly updating this post!!  Please thank them in the chat when you get a chance.  A Thank you is always appreciated!

:golds Learn how to get offers to credit, please click HERE:golds

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****  Do not forget to do the daily check in on the survey page for 5 Hulk Coins!!

Offers with a * may have been removed from GiftHulk or are not available in your region
Sometimes offers reset and let you do them again, you may want to try the posted links again even if you've completed the offer in the past


flower Be sure to check older offers! flower  
Click --> April thru June offers 2015
Click --> January thru March 2015
Click --> October thru December 2014
Click --> July thru September offers2014
Click --> April thru June offers 2014
Click --> January thru March offers 2014

------------------------------------ July 2015  ------------------------------------------ 

7/2/15 - Simple Skincare - 148hc - -  1st page submit / this offer may not always credit

7/2/15 - Sweets & Treats - 280hc - 1st page submit - type 2 Diabetes / 2 or More Meds / High A1C - credits 10 mins or less (Minion)

7/1/15 - Reality TV Watcher?  - 2400hc - Survey 28min -say you watch reality tv, watch episode, there's a bar you need to move during, then answer questions after (bazz)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to share offers and surveys

If you would like to share an offer or survey in the chat at so others can try to get it too, please note the following templates:
For posting offers:

  where to find offer/which wall, offer name, credit amount, screen shot, instructions, time to credit if not instant


For posting surveys:
  where to find survey, survey number, credit amount, how long it actually took you, any qualifying info (related to the topic of the survey)

You can make the dolla sign symbol by selecting the smilie bottom right in chat box, or by typing :dolla before your post. That symbol makes them stand out so people scrolling can find them.

If an offer has a direct link, from the SB limited time offers, or Gifthulk EZ coin offers, or Instagc main offer wall, you can post the offer link, no screen shot is necessary. We provide screen shots so people can find the offer, if you have a direct link, then a screen shot isnt needed.

 Thank you for sharing! You're all awesome!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to stop app auto-updates

Setting your devices to not automatically update will allow you to choose what versions of apps you are running, This is especially helpful when newer versions don't run as well, for example, when  an SB new version does not have a favorite option. The following are instructions how to disable automatic updates.


Option A - From Google Play Store - Disable updates for ALL your apps

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device

2.  Tap the menu button ( the 3 dots in the upper corner) and then select Settings.

3. Tap "Auto-update apps"

4. Select "Do Not Auto-update apps"

Option B - From Google Play Store - Disable updates for an individual app

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device

2. Search for the app you want, or already have installed

3. Tap the menu button (the 3 dots in the upper corner)

4. Uncheck the box aside "Auto update"

Option C - Settings menu

1. On your device, tap your main menu button, the one to the right of your main home button

2. Tap "System Settings"

3. Tap "Apps"

4. Select the app you want

5. Uncheck the box for notifications, under the clear cache button

This option doesn't always work, but is the easiest, and has worked for me on all SB and Perk apps


1. Open up the Settings app.

2. Tap on iTunes & App Store.

3. Under the section titled Automatic Downloads, you’ll see an item called Updates.

4. Tap on the toggle switch to turn it off so that it goes from green to gray. If it’s already gray, then the setting is already changed and there’s nothing you need to do further.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


What is an APK?

An APK (Android Application Package) is a file used to install an app on android devices if you are unable to install via the Google Play Store. APK's are only used on android devices.

"Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system."

Why do I need an APK?

APK's are especially useful when you want to save and install older versions of apps, or if you have trouble installing directly from the Google Play Store.

How to install an APK

1. In Systems settings > security make sure you check the box to install from unknown sources

2. From your device, tap the APK link provided (whether on this blog or elsewhere) and download the file. On the DropBox page, look for the icon top right (a box with a downward arrow), tap it and select direct download or you can add it to your own dropbox account. 

3. Find the file on your device. You can pull down the messages from bar at the very top of your screen, just slide down, and tap the file you just downloaded. You can also go to your downloads on device and tap the file.

4. Accept all and install.

How to Extract and Share an APK

1. Download the following apps:

    APK Extractor -

    ES File Explorer -

    Dropbox - Make an account or sign in if you have one

2. Download the app you want from the Play Store (or from someone else's APK if you need an older version)

3. Open the APK Extractor app and select the app you need the APK for, once selected it will extract.

4a. Open DropBox app, tap the menu (three dots top right) and select "upload here". 
  b. Select "other files"
  c. Select "ES File Explorer"
  d. Select APK you just extracted
  e. Select "File Way"
  f. The file is now in your Dropbox

5. Rename the APK if you like. Tap the down arrow to the right of the apk, tap "more", and rename it. Remember to add the version number.

6. To share, tap the down arrow to the right of the APK, and select how you would like to share it.

Disable auto-updates - Please read 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Other Survey Sites

We dont recommend you do too many surveys on Swagbucks, they like to ban if you earn too much from just one thing.

The following are some additional survey sites you might like to try. Most pay more than SB for the exact same survey. 

(Thank you to girlygirl5 for help with this,
additional info from jumanji, plump, and cookie monster)

iPoll - these surveys are the same as Partner Surveys on SB but pay higher. Some surveys are delayed credit, up to 4 weeks. There may be a minimum cash out of $10 and they have several giftcards and PayPal to choose from.

MySurvey - a variety of surveys and some product tests. Mimimum cash out is 1100 points ($10) and they have several gift cards and PayPal.

Pinecone Research - a variety of surveys paying $3 each and some product tests. There is no minimum cash out and they have several gift cards and PayPal.

Opinion Outpost -  a variety of surveys and product tests. There maybe a  minimum cash out of $5 amazon and $10 PayPal

Other GPT sites also have surveys you can try. A couple you may already use are:

Instagc - Look for surveys on their home page, also under the Earn tab there is a surveys section, These are just like PS on SB but pay higher.

GiftHulk - Look for surveys on their EZ coins offers and also under their Earn Tab, "surveys" are just like Partner Surveys on SB but pay lower