Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to share offers and surveys

If you would like to share an offer or survey in the chat at so others can try to get it too, please note the following templates:
For posting offers:

  where to find offer/which wall, offer name, credit amount, screen shot, instructions, time to credit if not instant


For posting surveys:
  where to find survey, survey number, credit amount, how long it actually took you, any qualifying info (related to the topic of the survey)

You can make the dolla sign symbol by selecting the smilie bottom right in chat box, or by typing :dolla before your post. That symbol makes them stand out so people scrolling can find them.

If an offer has a direct link, from the SB limited time offers, or Gifthulk EZ coin offers, or Instagc main offer wall, you can post the offer link, no screen shot is necessary. We provide screen shots so people can find the offer, if you have a direct link, then a screen shot isnt needed.

 Thank you for sharing! You're all awesome!

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