Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Madness Collector’s Bills

Starting  December 17 at Midnight PST,  SB will start releasing Wintery Collector’s Bills.
This round will be a little different than usual, only the first two collector's bills will be released. What ever wins the Winter Madness votes from todays code vote will be reflected on the bills released tomorrow.
On Wedsnesday two more bills will be added to the set. This will continue until all 8 bills have been released.

You will have until December 31st at Midnight PST to collect all 8 bills.  You will earn a bonus of 25 SB upon completion.

Be sure to check your search wins for this new round of Limited Edition Collector Bills.

We will continue to add pictures of the bills as they are released!

You can earn these bills exclusivel;y through searching!

For more information please read this.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Swagbucks Account Verification and Cancellation


This is for new Swagbucks users, or ones that have never verified account with postcard or text message!!!

 If you have ordered a gift from Swagbucks and it has been refunded, it is because your account needs to be verified. This is a one-time account verification. This simple process can be completed easily. Account verification is different than order verification where you enter your security answer or verify by email.

When your account is selected for account verification, you will have two methods to choose from. You have the option of verifying via text message or a postcard.

If you select “Verify with a Text Message,” simply enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and click “Send Text.” You will receive a text message with a 4-digit pin within minutes. Enter that 4-digit pin and click “Authenticate Account.” When verification is successful, you will see a congratulations screen. The number cannot have been used previously on any other account, nor can a prepaid phone be used. You will then have to use the postcard mailing option.

If you choose to verify your account by mail, click on “Send Postcard.” From here, make sure that the address shown is correct. If it is not, click on “Edit Address:” in your account.
Once you have verified your address, click on "Send Postcard."  This postcard should arrive within 7-10 business days, and will have a 4-digit pin. Visit your "Account Details" page, and enter the pin.

When you have completed this process, you can continue to redeem. For more information please read:

If your order ever gets cancelled (see below), and you have never verified, please follow the instructions above. If you have verified, it may just be a glitch. Just go ahead and re-order. If you ordered Paypal and it was refunded, be sure to read and follow the instructions about verified Paypal accounts, name and email match on the Paypal page you ordered from.

Sample of Order cancellation/refund:


The SB you accumulate in your account must be redeemed within two years from the date of issuance, after which time they will be null and void. Accounts that have not been logged into for six months or more are deemed inactive and SB earned in these accounts are null and void. You can read this HERE

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to reset your Trusted Surveys

****  You can be banned by sb for doing this!!

Here is what works for most.

Change your email in your Swagbucks account. (the email you change to must be brand new never used (BRAND NEW NEVER EVER USED ANYWHERE EMAIL) or it wont work).

Go to email confirm

Log out, log in using new email, close browser log on off;

Change back to original email, go to email confirm, log on and off.

The way you know if it works is you will get a whole you "your TS account has been actiivated" message and it will ask you to ...fill your info again, job, kids etc. If you dont get this message, it did not work... try again... and again...

Hope this works for you

Friday, November 23, 2012

SBTV Mobile For iOS

SBTV mobile is now available in the apple app store on your ipod, iphone, or ipad with iOS 6.0 or higher.  Or visit this link to send it directly to your itunes and plugin your device to sync from there.

As of September 2014 this app is available for US, Canada, UK, and Australia!! (India unknown)

Search "Swagbucks tv" in the app store and tap FREE then tap Install App to download the app

When you first launch the app you will see a screen with the options sign up or log in.  Tap log in and use your Swagbucks username and password as normal 

When you log in you will see a page full of videos.  You can start videos directly from here or choose categories at the bottom right if you wish to find shorter videos. 

There are 9 categories on the iOS version of SBTV mobile.  In the Home and Garden section, look for the 10 Second Tips, there are several. In the list, find the video you want to favorite and slide it to the left. This will put a heart on the right side meaning it is favorited. Then return to the main menu, tap favorites, then tap the video and let it play.

Home & Garden Section "10 Second Tips"
8 seconds - Grass stain removal
9 seconds - Coffee filter Alternative
10 seconds - Broken light bulb
10 seconds - Loosen rusty nails and bolts
10 seconds - Alternative Room Freshner
11 seconds - Fixing squeaky floor
11 seconds - Hiding valuables at home
11 seconds - fixing frozen steps
11 seconds - Picking peppers
11 seconds - Watering plants
12 seconds - Pinholes in wall
12 seconds - Alternative car freshner
12 seconds - Bumper Sticker
13 seconds - Protect door knob
13 seconds - Keeping fingernails clean
13 seconds - Clean garbage bins
13 seconds - Speed ironing
15 seconds - Store appliance cords

Watch 5 videos to earn 2 SB.  The app will autoplay videos unless the app crashes.  Keep an eye on your phone or device for this.  Also be sure to turn off cellular data if you have a limited data plan on your iphone or ipad. 

As of September 2, 2014, the daily total for this app is 36 sb.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Cornucopia of Collector’s Bills

Be sure to check your Search wins starting at midnight (PST) Nov 20 for the latest round of specially designed, limited edition Swag Buck Collector bills!  These Bills will available through the end of Cyber  Monday (23:59 PST 11/26/2012) and will have various designs with information about special happenings around Swagbucks to make your Holidays more rewarding!

If you collect all 5 bills in this collection you will instantly be awarded a bonus of 10 Swag Bucks.

You can earn these bills exclusively through searching!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Goal Meter

The Daily Goal Meter is a way for you to earn bonus swagbucks by earning a predetermined amount set by SB. 
  • You can find your goals at the top of every SB page. 
  • Hover your cursor over this area, or click the down arrow to see your meter. Click the blue side of the meter for the Daily (first) goal, and the red side for your Total (second) goal.
  • The meter resets every day at midnight pacific time.

ABOUT THE GOALS - There are two goals,  Daily goal (or first goal), and Total Goal (second goal). 

  • First goal is generally the same for every user that isn't new or a slacker. (Their goals are about half what a regular users is)
  • This goal is generally around 100 sb, give or take 30 sb depending on if a week day, a code extravaganza day, a holiday, or a weekend. It fluctuates slightly each day.
  • First goal is what your winning streaks are based on (more on this below)
  • You will earn the specified bonus once you have completed this goal.
  • This goal is is higher than first goal and is based on your average earnings.
  • The more times you make or exceed this goal, the higher this goal will eventually get.
  • If you want to lower this goal, simply do not acheive it for about a week. Remember, this goal is based on averages of what you earn each day.
  • This goal is not immediately affected if you have one or two really good earning days. ex. If your second goal is 300sb and you happen to make 1500sb one day, your second goal tomorrow wont be affected. You would need to go crazy earning several days in a row to see a change, and you still wouldnt see a change for a week or two. 
  •  You will have earned the specified bonus once you have acheived this goal. 
  • You will not receive BOTH the First goal and Second goal bonus. If you accomplish your second goal, that is the only bonus for that day you will get.
(This image shows goals of a new user, and shows the two different goals for the day)

  • Winning streaks are an additional monthly bonus you can earn by acheiving first goal for consecutive days, 7, 14, 21, or the entire month.
  • You can check yours by hovering over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page and clicking 'Show my winning streaks'
  •  The 'medals' will be highlighted once you have acheived them.
  • If you make first goal for 8 days, skip a day, then make it for 21 days, you will have earned a 7 day bonus (25sb) and a 21 day bonus (200sb). Make first goal the entire month and earn a bonus of 300sb!


  • Bonuses are not paid daily. They are available to you all at once by midnight pacific time on the 5th of the following month, sometimes sooner.
  • Hover over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page. It will clearly show that your bonuses are available to be claimed. Click the arrow to claim them. 
  • You MUST manually claim your bonuses in the allotted time or you will lose them all together.
  • You can read more about this new way of claiming bonus' effective January 2016 in SB's blog HERE


You can check if you've made your goals on previous days by clicking the little calendar. Hover over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page. To the right of the date is a tiny calendar icon, click it.

 (edited 1/22/2016 - to the left)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BOO – HallowEARN Collector’s Bills

Be sure to check your Search wins starting Tuesday Oct 23 at Midnight PDT!!  You have the opportunity to collect 5 different, ghoulish bills by searching on Swagbucks.  You have until October 31st, Halloween night, at 11:59pm PDT to find them all.

If you are lucky enough to collect all five bills by 11:59pm PDT on October 31st, you’ll instantly be rewarded with a bonus of 13 spooky Swag Bucks.

You can win these bills exclusively through searching!

You can see which bills you have in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.

Good Luck everybody!!

Friday, September 7, 2012 Email Aliases Emails

You never want to use your personal email for offers because you will receive tons of spammy emails that you don't need and probably shouldn't even open. is the easiest way to make several emails, a main account email plus 10 aliases (see below), 11 emails per account. We know for a fact offers accept these emails and credit beautifully. The main email you make the account with and all 10 aliases credit the same. Some offers do not accept certain types of emails from some domains, and temporary, or 10 minute emails can get you banned from any site.

For offers you need to use fresh, unused emails to get them to credit. You can use one email on several offers, but if you are unsure if the offer is from a different advertiser, or if you used an email on the same offer from a different wall, you are best off using a fresh unused email. When in doubt, bring a new email out!

At you are able to make both and emails, some offers, like email submit offers, prefer a hotmail domain. If an offer doesnt credit or wont accept an outlook email, clear cookies and cache and try with a hotmail email.

Once you have used up all your emails on offers, all you do is make a new account and more aliases. You can either forget about the used up account, or keep a list of accounts in case you ever need to grab an old email or refer back to something. You are able to make three accounts per day and at least 10 aliases per account a day (this may change at any time). That is at least 33 emails a day you have to use for offers. Again, it is very important you use fresh unused emails for offers to credit.

Dont worry, all sites allow you to use multiple emails for offers.

To make an account:

1. Go to, it will redirect you to Microsoft's Outlook page. Bookmark this page as you will need to access it often. Click 'Sign up now' 

2. Fill out the form on the next page selecting  your unique main account name, and from the dropdown box next to it, whether you want an outlook or a hotmail address. Be sure your alternate email is one you have access to, you will need this to make aliases. You do not need to use a real name (I just use initials), zip code, birthday, gender, or phone number. But, the name on the account should probably match the name you use to do offers.

3. Click 'Continue to inbox' on the pop-up and you will see your new email account.

4. Click the gear icon top right next to your name and click 'Options' from the drop-down menu.

If Outlook opens a Preview page instead of the one above, follow these instructions:

     a. Click Icon on Top Right where Image Goes (Blank Photo)  then choose Account Settings which bring you to this page

     b.  Click "Your Info" and right click "Manage your sign-in email or phone number" to make new aliases proceed to next steps below

5. Under the header "Managing your account" section click 'Create an alias'

6. On the next page, click the radio button that says email and in the box type in your alternate email you selected when you made the account. Then click the blue 'Send code' button.

7. Open your alternate email account and wait for an email from Microsoft with your code. Copy and paste this code into the box on the Outlook page. Then click the blue 'Submit' button. You can check the option box if you want, but this does not make a difference, the next time you make a batch of aliases it will ask you to repeat this code process.

8. On the next page you can choose if you want to set up the app, but I just click 'Set it up later' or the blue text for them to stop asking.

9. Yes, that seems like it was a lot of steps so far just to make an alias, but I promise, that was more explanation than it is actual work to make the email.  Razz  All those steps above really only take a minute once you do it a few times.

10. On the next page type in the name of an alias you want to use and click the blue 'Create an alias' button. On the page that loads, just click the blue 'Done' button. Success! You have just made a second new email to use. Repeat steps 4,5, and 10 to make more aliases, you may be able to make all 10 aliases at once, or Microsoft may limit the number of aliases you can make at a time. If you have to wait to make more aliases, you will need to repeat steps 4-10 later.

** Special tip - after you enter the security code and create the first alias, repeat step 4 and 5, but on next page right click and open in new tab "Create an alias", do this 9 times for your remaining aliases. On each tab enter a different alias and click Done. This will save you a bit of time, thanks to Minion42 for this tip.

11. To manage your new emails, or if you forget what aliases you made, click the gear button top right again, then click 'Options' then 'Your email accounts'

Thats it, you are all set to go do offers!

For more tips for doing offers, please browse the rest of the forum and read the Special Offers tips in the Todays Notes post.

Good luck, make yo' monneeyyyy!  lol!

Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Earn More Swagbucks

HOW TO GET MORE SWAGBUCKS by Bobert and Partier, edited 1/30/17 by to the left

:golds As with all GPT (Get Paid To) earning sites you must disable ad-block. We are getting paid to interact with ads, so having ad-block will make certain things not work, and others not credit.

Step 1. Do the dailies - To Do list on the home page

Step 2. Searching

You can search either from the search bar at the top of the home page, or by clicking the Search tab at the top of any page. Search terms do not matter, and search wins are random. You are not guaranteed sb's for searching.

Search everyday, a few times a day, waiting about 2-4 hours between every few searches. Sometimes you may get captchas. Make sure to enter the text paying attention to caps as soon as you get it. Failing to enter captcha will result in the loss of your search win and may seem to SB that you are a robot. DON'T OVERSEARCH. If you search too much you will get the Swagbucks Rules screen. If you get the rules screen too many times Swagdouche may think you're using a bot and get suspicious.

Read more about Search here -->

Step 3. Codes

On average The Swag Guy releases 1 maybe 2 codes on weekdays and 1 or 2 over the weekend.

Read about all types of codes here:

Please do not ask us when or where codes are posted. Codes are posted on the left side of the page. SB never gives us a schedule, so please do not ask us when codes will come out. They will be posted when released by SB.

Step 4. Games

Watch an ad and play two games to earn 2 sb, You can earn a total of 10 sb from games daily, that means play 10 games. Click here to play games -->

As of  March 2015 Swagasaurus Run is the fastest.

All you do is start the game, let the dino run off the cliff (2.98 sec) and you're done.

Step 5. Special Offers  

**You DO NOT have to spend money or download anything to do lots of special offers!!**

You can find the special offers page by clicking the link under the Discover tab, or by clicking here --> 

There are several offer walls to do special offers from, you can also find some on your home page. Simply click the offer and follow any instructions listed. Not all instructions are 100% accurate, and not all offers will credit. Don't get discouraged, just keep trying them. 

There are often videos and CPC's (cash-per-click) on offer walls and home page as well.

Do not send support tickets every time an offer does not credit, this may end up getting you banned (nobody like a complainer). Do not send SB support tickets for offers from the Special Offers page. If you have completed an exceptionally large offer (200sb+) you can send a support ticket, but do not do this often.

Credit card offers - These are not recommended, they often do not credit as they should, are a pain to cancel, and may end up continuing to charging you.

To learn more about how to get offers to credit best click here -->

Step 6. Jun Group Videos

Jun Videos can occasionally be found on the home page or at the top of your ledger, inbox, etc. pages.

You can also bookmark the following link to check for them at any time -->

Step 7. nCrave

There are several types of nCrave, but essentially you engage with the activity and earn sb's. nCrave can be found on the home page or the nCrave page under the Discover tab. Click here for the nCrave page -->

To learn more about the different types of nCrave and some additional tips, click here -->

Step 8. Surveys

 There are different types of surveys, all can be found on your survey dashboard by clicking Paid Surveys under the Answer tab. Click here to take you to your survey dashboard -->

You will not qualify for all surveys, and you may even get disqualified after completing an entire survey. It happens, just move on. Do not complain to SB because you got disqualified, they will not do anything for you.

Make sure to select the answers that you think will get you qualified the most but BE CONSISTENT with your survey profiles! You can get banned by survey providers for not answering in line with your profiles.Be sure to update your survey profiles with your new information. Do not limit yourself in your profiles or in surveys, leave yourself open to liking, and buying everything. You can update your survey profiles here --> and under 'settings' on Peanut Labs. You may also see some profile questions on the right side of your survey dash board.

For some tips on qualifying for more surveys please click here -->

Step 9. SBTV on PC

SBTV has changed its format effective July 2015. As before we do NOT recommend you use SBTV to earn the majority of your SB.

Please read here for more info and how not to get banned:

Step 10. Radio Loyalty

 Radio can be found on the Discover page. You can earn 5 sb every 35 minutes by selecting a genre and entering a captcha. Credit can be delayed as much as 90 minutes. There is no limit on the amount of sb you can earn daily, other than what is restricted by time.

We are do not recommend you use Radio Loyalty as many people are getting banned on several different sites.  Until SB and RL figures out what they are doing, please follow our advice and avoid Radio to ensure your account is safe!

Step 11. Swagbucks Apps

One of the best ways to earn sb's is to run the mobile apps. You can earn several sb's with these, anywhere from 36-300 sb depending on the current app totals and how many of the apps you complete. Do not force the apps to complete, just let them run.

 There are six video apps and the swagbucks mobile app, please read about each, their daily totals, and some tips here:

AND THATS IT! There are of course other ways to get swagbucks, but usually are not used. If you have any questions you can ask in the chat at Good luck and HAPPY SWAGGING!

Please browse the Blog for tons of other tips, tricks, and for some other sites we recommend. Click here -->

There are lots of other sites you can earn from, click here -->

Swag Sports Collector’s Bills!

Be sure to check your Search wins starting Friday, July 27th at at Midnight PDT! Swag Sports, the newest edition of Collector Bills will be available! You will have until August 12th at 11:59 pm PDT to collect them all.

Starting at Midnight PDT you have the opportunity to find up to 9 rewarding Collector’s Bills through searching.  6 of these bills will be released at Midnight, each Swag Sport representing a different Swag Buck value. To collect the last 3 Swag Sports Collector’s Bills, make sure that you are searching  at Swagbucks on August 7th, August 8th, and August 9th as they will be releasing those final three bills one day at a time.  By August 9th all of the Swag Sports Collector’s Bills will have been released, and you will have until August 12th at 11:59pm PDT to find them all.  If you are lucky enough to collect all nine you’ll be rewarded with a bonus of 15 Swag Bucks!

You can win these bills exclusively through searching!

You can see which bills you have in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.
Collector Bills are 6-7-8-9-10-11 -12 - 14 & 15

Good Luck Everybody!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dad & Grad Collector Bills

Be sure to check your Search wins starting Monday, June 11th at 12:01am PDT!
You can win these bills exclusively through searching!

You can see which bills you have in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.

This is what the bills look like. 7 - 9 - 11 - 12 - 15

You have until Sunday June 17 at 11:59 PM to collect all the bills. 10SB will be awarded instantly for completion of the set.

Good Luck Everyone!!