Thursday, July 30, 2015

New SBTV on PC and tips not to get banned

Swagbucks has changed the way you watch SBTV on PC effective July 29, 2015.

You can read more about these changes here:

You can find SBTV on PC here . There are several categories to choose from, and playlists within each to watch. Each playlist consists of  one or more videos  and you earn the specified amount when you finish watching the entire playlist.

Note the times of each playlist, and select the shortest ones. You may notice some playlists say 0 minutes, this is a glitch or typo, these playlists are not zero minutes. Each playlist may have an ad at the beginning or end, and/or one aside the video frame, these are how sb makes money, and how you get paid. So, like every other earning opportunity on GPT sites, make sure your ad-block is disabled.


The previous style of SBTV on PC was known for getting people banned. (You can read our previous warning page HERE) Given that, we are still hesitant to recommend SBTV on PC as a safe and lucrative earning opportunity. The following are some recommended tips to possibly keep you from getting banned:

1. SB claims you can earn a total of 500sb a day from SBTV on PC, this is impossible. You must run the entire playlist to get your credit, and even at 4 minutes a piece you would still never make 500sb in a day. Do not try to prove you can, you will be asking to get banned.

2. You must run the entire playlist and any ads, do not try to fast forward through either, you will be asking to get banned.

3. Although it appears you do not need to be in an active window for these to credit, I suggest you keep a minimized small window open and visible on your screen. Be sure you can see the entire video frame and any ad on the side just to be sure you stay safe.

4. You are still able to multi-task while running these playlists, but follow the suggestion above.

5. You are only able to get credit once per day for each playlist, so either keep track of the ones you've watched, or go through the categories systematically so you do not get confused. New videos are added periodically.

6. You can not, and should not try to run multiple SBTV windows, you are asking to get banned.

7. As with any other earning opportunity, you should not be using SBTV on PC to make the majority of your SB's. You need to use the entire site to earn, and tips for using other opportunities on Swagbucks can be found HERE

8. SBTV and sbtvMobile app are two different things. You can do both. You can read more about the mobile app HERE

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