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DollarTracks is a GPT site with several offer walls, surveys and clicks, as well as a passive auto-surf option. They pay higher and faster than SB for most things!
  • Just a few of the offer walls available: Peanut Labs, Toro, AdGate, AdScend, Revenue Universe, SuperRewards, WallAds, Kiwi, Personaly, PaymentWall, and more!
  • Just a few of the clicks available: Facebook Share, AdBistro, Twistity, HyprMx, MinuteStaff and more!
  • Just a few of the survey walls available (not including those on other offer walls): YourSurveys, SaySo, Sample Cube, and more!

DollarTracks is available in all countries, however, as with all GPT sites, the offers available will depend on your country.

For tips on completing offers click HERE
For tips on completing surveys click HERE

Lots of new earning opportunities and changes are being added every month. Please be sure to read Todays Notes HERE as well as the News on Dollartracks for the latest updates!

Get more for your time!

There are several ways you will earn more for your time on DollarTracks!

  • 15% more - AutoSurf - run this in insane gear and you are getting $1.50 for every $10 you earned on site
  • 7% more - The Vault - Deposit your converted points and after 45 days you get 7% more
  • Daily Bonuses - Earn 1-5 % more based on how much you earn
  • Free to enter drawings - Held every 2 hours, every day, and every week! Get free tickets for every $1 you earn, you can win as much as $5!
  • Top earner contest - Top three earners for the week can win as much as $10!
  • Keep reading below for more info on each of these.
4/27/17 - AdBistro Carousel is mobile again! If you run it on mobile, plays several ads and credits 2.5 points.
  • Type in the following URL into your mobile device so you dont have to log in or get logged out on PC>>> ID)&aff_sub_id_2
    •  Replace (user ID) with your number, no parentheses, which can be found on the account page.

4/3 - NEW! Loyalty Rewards - Daily bonuses, free drawings, and a top earner contest. 
Find it here --> Loyalty Rewards Click the blue 'more info' bubble top left to read the tutorial for more info.

8/15/16 - NEW! Facebook Share - find it on the earn page. Log in to your FB account and click the share button on the offer wall, it will post random ads to your FB page. It will not post your referral link, but you may want to add it as a comment on the shares.
  • You can click/post as many as you like until they run out
  • Log in to multiple FB accounts and get the same number of shares on that account too
  • If you make multiple fake FB accounts with no friends this opportunity may disappear
  • The clicks right now do not reset daily but may in the future
  • Do not delete the ads for at least one week
NEW! 8/20/16 - Ranking System - Members earn ranks by gaining XP points on levels between ranks while moving closer to a higher DT member rank. XP points are gained by doing offers. Each offer point earned is worth 12 XP points. Each referral gained is worth 100 xp points. Once you have filled up your XP on the current level you will unlock a new level and maybe a new rank. There are various levels to complete to unlock a new rank.

The grid below will give you an idea of Levels, Ranks and the XP needed to get you there. Each level (other than the first) is 7500 XP.


LVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next Lvl


LVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next Lvl


LVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next Lvl


LVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next Lvl


LVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next LvlLVLXP to next Lvl


Click the banner above to make an account at It is easier to do this on your PC.

  • You earn one AutoSurf credit for every point you earn on site from offers, videos, or surveys. There are several earning options to choose from. Learn how to do offers HERE
  • There are four gears for AutoSurf. You earn the most from "insane gear". 
  • As you earn enough credits (by earning points on site) you can change gears. After you opt for a gear, (aside from low gear) it is valid for 24 hours and you earn the amount shown on site. 
  • If you are in any gear other than low, you must wait the 24 hours before you can change gears. Once a gear runs out of time, it will automatically switch you to low gear. Otherwise, you must manually switch gears on site.
  • You are able to add additional time to the same gear you are in (other than low) at any time, as long as you have enough credits.
  • You can run AutoSurf on either PC or mobile device. 
  • Given that it is surfing through unknown web pages, you may encounter it opening or downloading something you dont want. It is by far easier to factory reset a mobile device than it is a PC. Using a dedicated mobile device is recommended.
  • If you choose to run this on a PC, please read HERE

Mobile instructions:  
  • Open a browser on your device
  • Type in the following url: user name, without the parenthesis)
  • Tap the blue words  "start autosurf"
  • Leave both tabs open, otherwise it will not credit properly

MAKE SURE you are not allowing installations from unknown sources in your security settings. This is opposite of what you do if you need to install apk's. AutoSurf will otherwise download some crap on its own you DO NOT WANT, like adult content.

PC instructions:
  • Open a browser and go to and log in.You can try any browser that works, chrome seems to working well right now. 
  • Select the AutoSurf icon, you will see how many Autosurf credits you have.
  • Scroll down and tap any of the four gears you have enough credits for. You will see time added.
  • Tap the "Begin surfing" button, then "Start AutoSurf"
  • It will then run continuously, barring any hiccups in your wifi connection, or server issues on their end.
  • Be sure your mobile device is set to always stay on! Disable or set sleep mode to 'always on'. This will prevent the device from stopping the app from running constantly. You can do this from settings > display, OR settings > about phone and google how to get developer options, then select 'always on'.


  • Cashouts will occur within 24 hours, usually within minutes.
  • 3 tier cash out system has been implemented for new members. $0.50 for the first, then $.75 for the 2nd cash out, $1 for third. After your 3rd cash out there is no minimum or maximum(as of 4/26/16)
  • Cashouts are limited to one per day.
  • The email you register with does not need to match your PayPal email, you enter PayPal email when you are ready to cash out. 
  • Amazon payments occasionally may take a day or two longer.
  • Some international users may be charged a fee from their cashout of 5.4%
  • Go to the Cash Out page 
    • convert your points to cash, let the page refresh itself
    • then fill out the box with how you want to get paid, the "TO" box is where you enter  your PayPal email or email you want to receive your Amazon.
  • After 2/14/16 cashouts will not be processed on Sundays, you should receive payment the next day (Monday). 
2/2/16 - The Vault - Instead of cashing out, you can now deposit points into their piggy bank called the Vault. 
  • You must first convert your points into cash on the cashout page HERE
  • After 45 days you earn a total of 7% on the amount you deposited and it is automatically converted to virtual currency you can cash out for Paypal or Amazon
  • You can cash out your vault points at any time, but to earn the total 7%, points must remain in the vault for the full 45 days.
  • You must cash out your vault earnings by Paypal or Amazon, you are not able to convert these earnings back into points to re-deposit into the vault again.
  • For more info, please visit


  • You are only allowed one account  and can only run one Autosurf at a time per IP, you will get a warning that you have too many sessions running if you try to run more than one. For example, you can not have one running on PC and one on mobile, or two mobile devices.
  • You are allowed to run a second AutoSurf via VPN, if you dont know what this is, or do not know how to do this properly, it is not recommended. DO NOT do offers, surveys, videos on a VPN or proxy.
  • Running the Autosurf doesnt not seem to be too taxing on bandwidth.

Please take time to click around on site to learn where pages are, and what all the buttons and links do.

If you have any issues, please contact
or use their suggestion box.

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