Thursday, July 9, 2015

Traffic Micro

:golds :golds Complete EASY FAST tasks! :golds :golds
Just clicks and copy/paste!

If  you would like to sign up,
please click the banner above or HERE
Thank you!
 If you signed up for trafficmicro and havent received accepted email, log on anyway and let sit on Dashboard/startwork page and wait for task, you will still get them.


Throughout the day you will get notified to complete easy tasks, usually clicking through to a website and copying some information. 

Please note: if you use a mobile device you will receive an email that requires you to provide proof of the device you are using. This is because some jerks use emulators and cant just use mobile devices like normal people, Please read -->

You can be notified that you have a new task either by email or by keeping this page open -->

If you keep the page open you will see a pop-up box like this:


You MUST use a verified mobile device:
(the copy, paste, find instructions may be a little different on your device, click around to figure how)

1. Copy the term in quotation marks by pressing the words on screen, it will highlight the term, slide the pointers left or right to capture the entire term between the quotation marks
2. Once highlighted, click the copy button top of screen, mine is two over lapping rectangles, this will add the tern to your clipboard
3. Scroll down and click the call button - new page opens
4. Click the on screen menu button (mine is three dots top right)
5. Click "Find in page" and in the box at top, press and hold until you see "paste"
6. Find the underlined text that is a link and click it - new page opens
7. Click on a related link. - new page opens
8. Click a sponsored link - new page opens to a "real" looking website
    ** please keep this page open for 10 seconds so you do not  get a warning email from TM! **
9. Copy url of this "real" website and enter into bottom left box from your first page (under call button)
10. Copy some words from top of last page into the box on the right on your first page (under call button).
11. Click SUBMIT, thats it!
12. Close all task pages and refresh


1. Its been more than an hour with no TrafficMicro task, clear cookies and cache, log back in and sit on dashboard page, you should get another task shortly

2. If its been several hours, and you've already done the above without success, reset your record  here: Hopefully you will get a new task shortly after.

3. Tasks seem to come faster in the mornings, up to 5 per hour, you will still get them in the evenings, just not as quickly.

4. Some people have been getting 11 tasks a day, after your 10th task, leave the dashboard/startwork page open for a while and see if you get another task.

5. Be sure to leave last web page open for at least 10 seconds to avoid getting flagged by TrafficMicro.

6. If doing tasks on mobile device, sometime a link will open a mobile site and you can not find the link, click the three dot menu (top right on my device) and request desktop site. You should be able to find the link from there, and you will still be credited for doing a mobile task.

7. Sometimes when searching the term it only opens a second web page, not either of the sites like the ones pictured above, just search for the term again and you should be able to proceed normally.

8. Sometimes you arent able to select text on the last page for proof, because there are only images or frames. Just copy the image and submit that as proof, it still works.

9. DO NOT USE BOTS, AUTO CLICKERS, VPN, PROXY or anything else like this.


If you have a problem with a dead link or cannot find the search phrase on the page,  report the issue here:
**There is a link within the tasks to report them, but THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK. Use the link above in a new tab.
**Be sure to include the search term and the link you clicked, as well as any other info you can think of
Your tasks will reset and you should get a new task the next time one is available.


Payments are PayPal only, and will be deposited to your account next day, or once you reach your minimum pay amount. Be sure to select a higher minimum pay amount, you do not want to receive payment every day (see below).

Be advised that PayPal reports to IRS once you receive 200 deposits to your PayPal account, read more about  it HERE.

You can edit your account and minimum payout here --> 

**Please check on your minimum payout often to make sure its still set how you want it, especially if you change IP


TrafficMicro tracks your IP. Do not use proxies or VPN. At this time you are only allowed to make one account per IP, so one account per person/household.

If your IP changes, it will ask you if you want to associate that IP to your account, Just say yes, its not a big deal.

Remember, one account per IP, but you can have man IP's associated with your account.


Please read their FAQ page for more information -->

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