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How To Earn More Swagbucks

HOW TO GET MORE SWAGBUCKS by Bobert and Partier, edited 9/4/2014 by to the left

Step 1. Do the dailies - To Do list on the home page

Daily Crave - Complete at least one encrave activity every day to earn 1 sb. Click Daily Crave on the To Do list

Extension/Toolbar -  Every day you utilize the extension, you will earn 1 sb. Click here to get the extension -->

The extension is not necessarily recommended. Many people have had multiple problems with it. It does not always work properly, it slows your browser, and is just plain annoying.

Daily Poll - Every day you vote in the poll you will earn 1 sb. Click here to vote -->

NOSO - No Obligation Special Offers, every day just click next or skip thru all offers in the path, at the end you enter a captcha and earn 2 sb.Click here for NOSO -->

Step 2. Searching

You can search either from the search bar at the top of the home page, or by clicking the Search tab at the top of any page. Search terms do not matter, and search wins are random. You are not guaranteed sb's for searching.

Search everyday, a few times a day, waiting about 2-4 hours between every few searches. Sometimes you may get captchas. Make sure to enter the text paying attention to caps as soon as you get it. Failing to enter captcha will result in the loss of your search win and may seem to SB that you are a robot. DON'T OVERSEARCH. If you search too much you will get the Swagbucks Rules screen. If you get the rules screen too many times Swagdouche may think you're using a bot and get suspicious.

Read more about Search here -->

Step 3. Codes

On average The Swag Guy releases 1 maybe 2 codes on weekdays and 1 or 2 over the weekend.

Please do not ask us when or where codes are posted. Codes are posted on the left side of the page and in RED in the chat. SB never gives us a schedule, so please do not ask us when codes will come out. They will be posted when released by SB.

Step 4. Games

Watch an ad and play two games to earn 2 sb, You can earn a total of 10 sb from games daily, that means play 10 games. Click here to play games -->

As of  March 2015 Swagasaurus Run is the fastest.

All you do is start the game, let the dino run off the cliff (2.98 sec) and you're done.

Step 5. Special Offers  

**You DO NOT have to spend money or download anything to do lots of special offers!!**

You can find the special offers page by clicking the link under the Discover tab, or by clicking here --> 

There are several offer walls to do special offers from, you can also find some on your home page. Simply click the offer and follow any instructions listed. Not all instructions are 100% accurate, and not all offers will credit. Don't get discouraged, just keep trying them. 

There are often videos and CPC's (cash-per-click) on offer walls and home page as well.

If you feel you have done an offer properly, click "Missing Swagbucks" or "Offer Status", you can send a support ticket to the wall you did the offer from. Do not send SB support tickets for offers from the Special Offers page. 

To learn more about how to get offers to credit best click here -->

Step 6. Jun Group Videos

Jun Videos can occasionally be found on the home page or at the top of your ledger, inbox, etc. pages.

You can also bookmark the following link to check for them at any time -->

Step 7. Encrave

There are several types of encraves, but essentially you engage with the activity and earn sb's. Encraves can be found on the home page or the Encrave page under the Discover tab. Click here for the Encrave page -->

To learn more about the different types of encraves and some additional tips, click here -->

Step 8. Surveys

 There are different types of surveys, all can be found on your survey dashboard by clicking Paid Surveys under the Answer tab. Click here to take you to your survey dashboard -->

You will not qualify for all surveys, and you may even get disqualified after completing an entire survey. It happens, just move on. Do not complain to SB because you got disqualified, they will not do anything for you.

Make sure to select the answers that you think will get you qualified the most but BE CONSISTENT with your survey profiles! You can get banned by survey providers for not answering in line with your profiles.Be sure to update your survey profiles with your new information. Do not limit yourself in your profiles or in surveys, leave yourself open to liking, and buying everything. You can update your survey profiles here --> and under 'settings' on Peanut Labs. You may also see some profile questions on the right side of your survey dash board.

For some tips on qualifying for more surveys please click here -->

Step 9. SBTV on PC

You can find sbtv for PC by clicking the Watch tab. You can earn 3 sb for watching 10 videos. When you watch a video, the meter will fill up, let the entire video play before clicking next video. You can not repeat videos, they will not credit. You can fill the meter 50 times for a total of 150 sb a day - THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED

Many people have been banned for over use of SBTV or whatever reason SB would like to say. We see it every week. We recommend you do not do more than 20-30 rounds a day.  And NEVER use Chrome toolbar/extension for sbtv! It seems to have a refresher on it that sb thinks is a bot, you will surely be deactivated!

If you must risk the ban and use sbtv on PC, you can use 
Its much cleaner, and runs smoother than using the page from the watch tab.

If you are going to use sbtv on PC please read -->

Step 10. Radio Loyalty

 Radio can be found on the Special Offers page under the discover tab. You can earn 6 sb every 30 minutes by selecting a genre and entering a captcha. Credit can be delayed as much as 90 minutes. There is no limit on the amount of sb you can earn daily, other than what is restricted by time.

We are do not recommend you use Radio Loyalty as many people are getting banned on several different sites.  Until SB and RL figures out what they are doing, please follow our advice and avoid Radio to ensure your account is safe!

Step 11. Read

Read activities are not available every day. You can hover over each book to see what the task is to earn the specified sb's. There may not be a task every day, but you should check here every day. They can be found by clicking Read under the discover tab, or by clicking here -->

Step 12. Swagbucks Apps

One of the best ways to earn sb's is to run the mobile apps. You can earn several sb's with these, anywhere from 36-300 sb depending on the current app totals and how many of the apps you complete. Do not force the apps to complete, just let them run.

 There are five video apps and the swagbucks mobile app, please read about each, their daily totals, and some tips here:

AND THATS IT! There are of course other ways to get swagbucks, but usually are not used. If you have any questions you can reply to this post. Good luck and HAPPY SWAGGING!

Please browse the Forum for tons of other tips, tricks, and for some other sites we recommend. Click here -->

There are lots of other sites you can earn from, click here -->   <-- Perk ****  If asked for a ref code by the app enter 10f1c0db for 50 points free  <-- instagc  <-- gifthulk <-- qmee <--- irazoo  <----  Prizezombie -- inboxdollars  <-- golddiggergpt  <-- earnthemost

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