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How To Earn More Swagbucks


Step 1. Do the dailies. <--- Click here to get toolbar. Every day you log in to the toolbar, you will get 1 sb. <--- Click here and go to your trusted surveys. If you do not complete a survey, (get disqualified from it) you will receive 1 sb for each survey this happens with. <--- Click here and click on start earning now. Click next or skip for each offer. At the end you will get 2sb. <--- Click here and vote in the poll for 1 sb per day.

Step 2. Searches

Just search everyday a few times a day waiting about 2 hours between every few searches. Sometimes you may get captchas. Make sure to just enter the text paying attention to caps. DON'T OVERSEARCH. If you search too much you will get the Swagbucks Rules screen. Dont get that too much or else Swagdouche may think you're using a bot and get suspicious.

Step 3. Codes

On average The Swag Guy releases 1 maybe 2 codes on weekdays and 1 or 2 over the weekend.

Please do not ask us when or where codes are posted.  We never know when they will be active!

Step 4. Games <--- Click here to earn from games.  UPDATED 3/31/14   Pick Key Krusher and watch the ad.

click in the box shown below to start the game,
then quickly click random letter keys on your keyboard, game will end instantly, repeat 10x --->

Step 5. Special Offers ****  You DO NOT have to spend money to do special offers!! <--- Click here and here -->  to earn from special offers. Pretty simple. Just do the free/ paid (this is risky so probably not a good idea) from the different walls and try to follow the instructions. If you don't get credited you could try to click "Missing Swagbucks" or "Offer Status" and contact them.
Please check all the walls for videos & the homepage.
Also please check you jun vidoes.  Here are a couple jun links. May not be available in Canada.

Please check the homepage for encrave as well.  

Encraves -  Are also located under the Discover tab - Activities.
Do not open more than 1 at a time, they will not credit.
Do not close  the activities tab, they will not credit.
There are 2 types of Encraves.
1- Manual Encrave,  you click each check to open a new window, (one at a time).
2- Auto run encrave.  (see the circle with the blue inside)  These will run automatically when doing it correctly.
Use chrome, have an extra tab open, open the card.

You may have to click the following to begin exploring.  If not, please see the next image to click.

You have to click the discovery mode button .

Then  press CTRL+TAB.
When done close that tab and click another card from already open activities page. The activities page will refresh itself once you finish an encrave. When you hit ctrl + tab you're mouse curosr has to be within the within the page that is running, i.e. not over the sidebar - sidebar that keeps track of your progress of the activity

Step 6. Trusted Surveys <---Click here for surveys. These are tricky. When you first start surveys they will ask a few questions. Make sure to select the answers that you think will get you qualified the most. When you get surveys in your dashboard, also select answers to get qualified. In the actual surveys, make sure to do the answers that will please the companies. This way, you won't get rejected and fail the survey. There are also profiles which are found right next to surveys at the top. These are fairly simple.

Step 7. SBTV I higly recommend if you are going to do SBTV, get the toolbar and do it from there. It will float over your current page so you can to other things at the same time. You just click from 1 vid to the next when the meter moves.
If you do not want the toolbar then do the following. <--- Click here for Swagbucks tv. Swagbucks tv is a service where you watch videos and earn swagbucks. When you watch a video, the meter at the top right will go up. Once you watch ten videos, you will earn 3 swagbucks and the meter will reset. You can fill the meter 50 times per day for a total of 150 sb.
 ****  Many people have been banned for over use of SBTV or whatever reason SB would like to say.  We recommend you do not do more than 25-30 rounds a day.  And NEVER use Chrome toolbar for sbtv!
It seems to have a refresher on it that sb thinks is  a botm you will surely be deactivated!
You can still earn the same amount of Swag Bucks per day, but you will not earn credit for watching the same video more than once per day.

Step 8 SBTV Mobile. There is now an app for your android phone/tablet. 50 sb a day to run -- continuously .... even while you sleep. ( USA ONLY)

It fills up worth 2 points for every 5 videos. Est time to complete is 1 - 2 hours. Total SB earned will be 50 SB. Use the comedy channel, it will run the fastest.

SBTV, andriod just automatically, resets at 12:00 PST like all the other things. But the bar won't show it at first have to play through one video first. Click this link to dl your ap.

SBTV for iOS  - SBTV mobile is now available in the apple app store on your ipod, iphone, or ipad with iOS 6.0 or higher.  Or visit this link to send it directly to your itunes and plugin your device to sync from there.

Search "Swagbucks tv" in the app store and tap FREE then tap Install App to download the app

In the next 2 links, you can read the tips we have posted for IOS & Android.

Step 9 EntertaiNOW APP  for Android or Tablet EntertaiNow is a New App just launched by Swagbucks. 5/13/13. You can earn up to 60 SB every day through the app.  This is in addition to the 150 SB from watching SBTV on your computer and the 50 SB from SBTV Mobile.
For all the info on this app and the must use instructions  for Kindle Fire users, please click the following link.

Step 10  Radio Loyalty Is  a new tab in the Special Offers section. ~ Earn Swag Bucks for listening to your favorite tunes!  ****We are no longer recommending you do RL as many people are getting banned.  Until SB figures out what they are doing, please follow our advice to ensure your account is safe!
1. Select your favorite genre below to begin listening.
2. Every 30 minutes a CAPTCHA code will appear.
3. Enter the code to earn 3 Swag Buck and continue listening to earn MORE Swag Bucks! (CAPTCHA is case sensitive)
******  Credit can be delayed on this up to 90 minutes!
There is no limit to how many times you can earn!
**** You can get flash to work on android tablets with Dophin Browser and Flashplayer 11 or later.

Step 11. Read: Hover over each book to see what the task is to earn the specified swagbucks. There may not be a task every day, but you should check here every day 

Step 12. Swagbucks has released another way to earn using your mobile devices. SB Movie App It is another app! (US only)
This app is very similar to the sbtvMobile and EntertaiNow apps, there are ads that play before a video. You will earn 2 sb per 10 videos.
As of 7/11/14 you can earn a total of 20 sb a day from this app.
Download it: As of 7/11/14 this app is for android only.
You can  download the app from the google play store:

For compatibility issues and Kindles, please use the following apk. Be sure to allow installations from unknown sources. Just click:

Favorite short videos: After installing the app. make sure to favorite one or more short videos. Otherwise the app will take forever to finish.
To read more about this app please go here.

AND THATS IT! There are of course other ways to get swagbucks, but usually are not used. If you have any questions you can reply to this post. Good luck and HAPPY SWAGGING!

Here are referral links if you need them.   <-- Perk ****  If asked for a ref code by the app enter 10f1c0db for 50 points free  <-- instagc  <-- gifthulk <-- qmee <--- irazoo  <----  Prizezombie -- inboxdollars  <-- golddiggergpt  <-- earnthemost

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