Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dont get banned using SBTV on PC

Swagbucks has a tendency to ban people who abuse or exploit sbtv on desktop. The reasoning, as best we can figure, is that SB wants you to watch the entire video, so it is impossible to get to the 150sb (50 rounds) in a single day without use of a bot, which WILL get you banned. The following are some tips how not to get banned for using sbtv on desktop:

You can find sbtv desktop here: Ten videos will get you 3sb.

1. DO NOT click next video as soon as the meter moves, this is a trap. It is safest to let the entire video run.

2. DO NOT do sbtv from the (now defunct) toolbar on chrome, there is some sort of glitch that SB thinks is a bot. DO NOT do sbtv from the extension either.

3. NEVER, I mean NEVER do more than 20-30 rounds (60-90sb) of sbtv in a single day.

4. DO NOT try to use auto clickers or bots to do sbtv, SB can detect these and you WILL get banned.

There are plenty of other ways to earn other than risking your account with sbtv on PC.. besides, it takes forever! Do nCrave instead, they are much faster, no limits, and certainly much safer.

Like a Star @ heaven SBTV on PC is different than the swagbucks mobile apps. You can see in your ledger that sbtv on PC credits as sbtv and the mobile apps credit as sbtv Mobile. The swagbucks mobile apps are safe if you just let them run themselves. You should max the mobile apps every day.

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