Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clearing cookies and cache on mobile devices

To keep your devices running smoothly and videos loading fast, you should clear the app cache often, at least daily, or more if running an app that takes a long time to complete. Clearing cache does not log you out of the app, and does not remove any videos or offers you have.

You may need to clear app data if you are having trouble with an app, like if it tells you that you have reached a daily limit before you have. Clearing data will log you out of the app and may cause you to lose any short videos you have favorited, or any offers you had before.

For most Android devices:

1. Go to SETTINGS, either from the icon on your home screen or by tapping the menu button (three dots or lines on the device itself). This may be called system settings depending on device.

2. Scroll down the menu and tap APPS

3. Tap the title of the app you want to clear

4. Tap the CLEAR CACHE button or the CLEAR DATA button

For iOS devices:

1. Close the app

2. Double tap HOME button and swipe away app

There is no need to clear app data on iOS, but if you have to you can uninstall and re-install the app.

If these instructions dont work for your device, please google how.

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