Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Goal Meter

The Daily Goal Meter is a way for you to earn bonus swagbucks by earning a predetermined amount set by SB. 
  • You can find your goals at the top of every SB page. 
  • Hover your cursor over this area, or click the down arrow to see your meter. Click the blue side of the meter for the Daily (first) goal, and the red side for your Total (second) goal.
  • The meter resets every day at midnight pacific time.

ABOUT THE GOALS - There are two goals,  Daily goal (or first goal), and Total Goal (second goal). 

  • First goal is generally the same for every user that isn't new or a slacker. (Their goals are about half what a regular users is)
  • This goal is generally around 100 sb, give or take 30 sb depending on if a week day, a code extravaganza day, a holiday, or a weekend. It fluctuates slightly each day.
  • First goal is what your winning streaks are based on (more on this below)
  • You will earn the specified bonus once you have completed this goal.
  • This goal is is higher than first goal and is based on your average earnings.
  • The more times you make or exceed this goal, the higher this goal will eventually get.
  • If you want to lower this goal, simply do not acheive it for about a week. Remember, this goal is based on averages of what you earn each day.
  • This goal is not immediately affected if you have one or two really good earning days. ex. If your second goal is 300sb and you happen to make 1500sb one day, your second goal tomorrow wont be affected. You would need to go crazy earning several days in a row to see a change, and you still wouldnt see a change for a week or two. 
  •  You will have earned the specified bonus once you have acheived this goal. 
  • You will not receive BOTH the First goal and Second goal bonus. If you accomplish your second goal, that is the only bonus for that day you will get.
(This image shows goals of a new user, and shows the two different goals for the day)

  • Winning streaks are an additional monthly bonus you can earn by acheiving first goal for consecutive days, 7, 14, 21, or the entire month.
  • You can check yours by hovering over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page and clicking 'Show my winning streaks'
  •  The 'medals' will be highlighted once you have acheived them.
  • If you make first goal for 8 days, skip a day, then make it for 21 days, you will have earned a 7 day bonus (25sb) and a 21 day bonus (200sb). Make first goal the entire month and earn a bonus of 300sb!


  • Bonuses are not paid daily. They are available to you all at once by midnight pacific time on the 5th of the following month, sometimes sooner.
  • Hover over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page. It will clearly show that your bonuses are available to be claimed. Click the arrow to claim them. 
  • You MUST manually claim your bonuses in the allotted time or you will lose them all together.
  • You can read more about this new way of claiming bonus' effective January 2016 in SB's blog HERE


You can check if you've made your goals on previous days by clicking the little calendar. Hover over 'Daily Goal' at the top of every SB page. To the right of the date is a tiny calendar icon, click it.

 (edited 1/22/2016 - to the left)

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