Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Madness Collector’s Bills

Starting  December 17 at Midnight PST,  SB will start releasing Wintery Collector’s Bills.
This round will be a little different than usual, only the first two collector's bills will be released. What ever wins the Winter Madness votes from todays code vote will be reflected on the bills released tomorrow.
On Wedsnesday two more bills will be added to the set. This will continue until all 8 bills have been released.

You will have until December 31st at Midnight PST to collect all 8 bills.  You will earn a bonus of 25 SB upon completion.

Be sure to check your search wins for this new round of Limited Edition Collector Bills.

We will continue to add pictures of the bills as they are released!

You can earn these bills exclusivel;y through searching!

For more information please read this.

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