Friday, December 5, 2014

Q-Mee Search

 Join Qmee

Qmee is an add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer that pays you for searching on Google, Bing, Amazon and Ebay, Walmart, etc.  You will need an invite to join the site.

You can join by clicking this invite

When you complete the joining process you will be given an option to download the app.  Click that link

Alternatively you can click here to go directly to the download page after joining.

Simply Click the Get Qmee button to get started. Detailed installation instructions will be available for whichever browser you choose to use on the same page below.

To earn money on Qmee you simply search just as you do normally on Google or Bing. On Amazon or Ebay you will often get ads randomly opening pages to different products.  Add will appear on the far left hand side.  The ads do go away after about 15 seconds so if one interests you make sure to click or the ad will disappear.

To cashout on qmee you will just need $0.01 in your account balance.  Most of the ads pay a minimum of $0.05.  Click the Qmee icon wherever it appears on your browser.  Usually it defaults to the upper right hand corner. From here you can easily cashout.  We recommend you cash out often, just because we can never be sure how long a site like this will last. Just click cash out my piggybank

There are three options to cashout. Paypal and Charity Donations need a minimum balance of $0.01, Gift cards need a minimum balance of $5.  Select the option you want.  For Paypal you will need to enter your paypal information once it will then be saved and you get instant payments every time without re-entering your information.  There may sometimes be delays with paypal but you should receive payment within 5 minutes.

4/8/16 - Qmee has added surveys for some people. Check for the surveys tab or try this link:  - if this link just opens the Qmee homepage, they are not available to you yet. We do not have more info on these at this time


If you search too much you will stop getting results. You will get best results searching one or two things a couple times a day. Stop trying to exploit it and leave it alone for a couple days.

If you stop getting searches at all you can try installing the extension on another browser.

If you do Bing Rewards, or some other activity that require you to do a lot of searching, be sure to disable your qmee extension, for the reason above.

You will get the best results if you search like terms, for example electronics, tablets, and phones in a search period. Searching shoes, hardware stores and hotels will not net you best results and qmee will stop providing results.

Qmee wins are often posted in the chat, please use the scroll bar to find them.

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