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Walmart Git Cards - how to use them, how to juggle them
Walmart gift cards can be used at Walmart stores, Sam's Club stores,,, or Murphy's Oil gas stations.

Remember, no matter what site you earn gift cards on, as soon as you are paid, get those payments off your accounts. You have three options:
1. Print them out
2. Save any links and secret access codes to a file on your computer or cloud, somewhere you can access them later
3. Add them to your store account, like Amazon, Target, Walmart.

Gift Card Exchange
As of December 2014 you can now exchange some other retailers gift cards for Walmart gift cards. Just like any other exchange site, Walmart will take a percentage of the face value of your gift card. To learn more, and see what Walmart will pay for your gift card, please visit

Printed e-gift cards
You can simply print the e-gift card you receive from any site and use them in store. They are used just like a regular plastic store card and there are instructions for the cashier printed on the paper. If a cashier gives you any issues, ask to see a manager. These are real gift cards and they should be accepted at any Walmart or Sam's Club location

Storing e-gift cards to your online account
Under your account page at, click Gift Card/Bonus Offer Balances, then 'Add a gift card'. Paste the 16 digit e-gift card code and the four digit security code. You can save up to five e-gift cards to your account.

Using e-gift cards online

Once you place your order you select the gift card payment option. If you have saved e-gift cards to your account already, just select which one you want to use. If you have not saved any to account, just paste the 16 digit gift card code and the four digit security code where prompted. You can only use up to 4 gift cards per order.

You do not need to save e-gift cards to account to be able to use them for an order you want to place. You can use a combination of saved ones and ones you add for payment that day, you can use any combination of payment options.

If you only use part of the amount on your gift card the balance will be stored on your account for you (if you have room), or you can just use the balance for another online order, or you can still take your paper print-out to the store to use the balance.

Combining and buying gift cards with gift cards
As of November 2015 you are no longer able to purchase Walmart plastic or e-gift cards on If you want to buy a plastic card, take your walmart gift card codes and pins (or printouts) to the service desk at a Walmart store, You may need to explain that this has been approved by corporate, and that you are no longer able to do this online. They shouldnt give you a problem.

Reloading plastic gift cards
You can not reload plastic gift cards with e-gift cards at You can take them to a customer service desk in store and ask if they can do it for you. Some people have had no problem doing this, other have. It probably depends on how competent your customer service representative is. Remember, you can always ask for a manager.

If you want more info on Walmart gift cards, please visit their site here ->

If you have anything to add or other questions, please ask in the chat.

Oh, and feel free to buy me something  lol!

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