Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Changing IP

Changing IP (Internet Protocol) address is an excellent tool when using GPT sites!

  • Make more money - Some offers will allow you to do the exact same offer from the same offer wall again on another site with different email and/or info. 
  • Some offers only credit so many times per IP, changing it allows you to do more of them.
    • For tips on completing offers please read HERE
  • Some offer walls (like Peanut Labs) ban by IP, changing IP usually gets them back
  • Some earning opportunities (like nCrave) stop working on an IP, changing it may get them back

  • Every time you change IP, change all your info for offers, everything: name, address, phone, birthday. Use this same info on all sites you work on with that IP (remember to use real info on instagc and Perk tho)
  • I only visit SuperRewards on one site per IP
  • Lots of offers will let you complete again on another site, try them all and you will get to know which walls work again and which dont
  • Those Consumer rewards offers that have just an email box first page, and offers like it, also those big buck or cool savings offers with the crappy long survey thing (both types still just email submit) will credit better with fresh IP, not always, but better. Same with many email only submit offers.
  • You can change IP as many times as you want in a day, especially good when doing instagc offer contests
  • You must have a dynamic IP address to have any chance of changing it. You can check yours HERE, then click your IP address numbers to see if it says Static (cant change) or dynamic (yay!)
  • Changing IP is allowed on all GPT sites and earning apps
  • It is better to purchase your own separate modem and router, combination modem/routers and rented ones from your ISP do not allow IP change as easily. You do not need a super fancy router, as long as it will accomodate your needed range and speeds.
  • Not all ISP's (Internet Service Providers) allow you to change IP. You will need to get on the Google  to see if it is allowed. 
  • Not all modems/routers allow you to change IP. You will need to get on the Google to see which work with your ISP.
  • For some, you may simply be able to unplug your current modem and router and get a new IP. You may need to unplug for as little as 20 seconds, or as long as a week. For others you will need to do a little or a lot more steps to get it to change.
  • Fiber Optic ISP's are the hardest to change, cable internet is the best option.

AGAIN - these instructions will NOT work for every ISP and router, these are ONLY instructions for the router(s) listed.

For all changing:
  • Before you get started:
    •  Have the customer service phone number of your ISP handy in case anything goes wrong. They should be able to assist you.
    • Close all windows and run CCleaner, you don't necessarily need to stop all mobile devices
    • Make note of your current IP HERE
  • After you attempt to change it:
    • Check that the IP address numbers have changed  HERE
If you have a different router/modem combination than listed below and are able to already change IP, please send very detailed step-by-step instructions so we can add it for other people. Please include the model of your modem/router and which ISP you have as well, you can send it HERE Thank you!!

;clip NetGear Routers
Recommended - Netgear N600 - Many people (including staff) at use this router. We know it works with Time Warner Cable internet.

To change IP:
2. on the left side click the "internet" tab
3. Scroll down to the section "Router MAC address"
4. Click the button for Use this MAC address
5. right of that you will see 6 sets of numbers/letters separated by colons, the last three sets are what you'd change to get new IP, change one letter or number of thise 6 digits, any number 1-9 , or any letter A-F
6. click apply at the top and let it load
7. Unplug or turn off your MODEM first
8. Turn off your ROUTER, there is a big round button on the back
(I usually wait about 10 seconds before continuing)
9. Plug in or turn on modem and wait for all lights to come on, this can take several minutes, if any lights keep flashing or its not lighting all, unplug and try again
10, Turn on Router, wait for it to reconnect you
--> you should now have a new IP

;clip LinkSys Routers
Please read the following article :

Please note, we do not give instructions on how to change IP in the chat at because it will be different for everyone. We will not be responsible if you mess up your internet. The notes above are only recommendations based on the experience we have.

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