Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Set up your FREE account on Moonit today - 35 CBF Points

Points awarded when you sign up for an account with Moonit with valid contact information and playing at least twice
Located on Radiumone Credits within 2 minutes.  
(If you haven't done this offer before it is also on peanutlabs and paymentwall, use a new email each time)

Looking for some new sites to join? Try CantBeatFree and ExcitePoints.
Both sites that have all the offers swagbucks has, and gambit video walls where
you can watch videos, do offers and complete tasks. Free upgrades.
If you complete a task on SB, Irazoo & ZB you can also do it on CBF --at a higher rate.
Request $20 on Amazon and get $25.
If you would like to join, please click the ref links below.

Enter name email and date of birth, no confirmation needed!

Click Play Now

Select Romantic or Friendship

Enter any info

You will then watch a video ad, when its over your page will show results, and there will be a delay loading play again.  wait till play again pops up and repeat.

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