Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is a detailed description of how to complete Panda.  This offer can be done 1x a day!

Looking for some new sites to join? Try CantBeatFree and ExcitePoints.
Both sites that have all the offers swagbucks has, and gambit video walls where
you can watch videos, do offers and complete tasks. Free upgrades.
If you complete a task on SB, Irazoo & ZB you can also do it on CBF --at a higher rate.
Request $15 on Amazon and get $20.
If you would like to join, please click the ref links below.


User must complete registration form, confirm email address, and complete a survey.
Panda is on CBF for 80, R1 for 80, PW 79, SR 63 - this offer can be completed 1 x a day.
You must clear cookies & cache & use a new email.
Click the offer on the wall you are doing it on.
Fill out Name & Email, no need to check any of the boxes below info. Click Continue
Fill in all the no bubbles.  Continue to step 3.

Check you email, may be in spam folder.
Open email & activate acct.
Click begin survey.  If you have tv reward survey do that one.  If not
choose one for .50, .75 or 1.00.  These are all 2 pages submits.
On the next page click begin evaluation on the left.

Fill out info & click continue
Select 2 games & click play selected games.
Fill in bubbles as shown & click submit & play.
Go back to shout box & wait for credit! This took 2-3 mins to credit.
j: Partier completed Panda for 80 points.

If you do the 2 pages submit & it does not credit for you in 2 mins, go back & do another one.
Just click in the email again & it will take you back to the congratulations page, then to the page where you can select  another offer.

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