Thursday, May 31, 2012

Games On Swagbucks

I just play the games to get the 10 daily sb you can win everyday. I use the game crusher. The game must run for 91 seconds for credit.

Click the game, then click play for free.
Let the add run, then click play game.
Let the game open & click start.
Then I just let the game run.

When the game is done, click no thanks, then back to games.
You do not have to win to get your 2 sb 5x a day.
If you repeat this 10x you will win 2 sb every other time.
The game does not have to be the active window. Leave it run in a back tab & go back to it whenever.

You will definitely get 10sb everyday following these steps.

Yes I know 10 sb is not a lot.... do it everyday & you will have 300sb towards an agc.

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