Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dad & Grad Collector Bills

Be sure to check your Search wins starting Monday, June 11th at 12:01am PDT!
You can win these bills exclusively through searching!

You can see which bills you have in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.

This is what the bills look like. 7 - 9 - 11 - 12 - 15

You have until Sunday June 17 at 11:59 PM to collect all the bills. 10SB will be awarded instantly for completion of the set.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Swagbucks Dad vs. Grad Challenge

Starting now through 5pm Pacific Time Wednesday, June 13th you have the opportunity to join the challenge and earn.  You must be assigned to a team.  Go to the page  and be assigned to either Dads or Grads.

You can earn by your daily SB activities. 
Daily Poll - 1 pt.
NOSO  - 1 pt.
Toolbar - 1 pt.
Search - 2 pts.
Tasks - 3 pts
SBTV - 4 pts
Surveys - 8 pts
Special Offers - 8 pts.
Daily Deals - 8 pts

Check the score here

Winning team members who contribute will receive 25 bonus SB. Runner-up team members that contribute will receive 10 bonus SB. 

The Dads vs. Grads challenge ends on June 13, 2012 at 5:00 PM PDT. 
Bonus will be applied to your accounts by June 15, 2012 5:00 PM PDT. 

Good Luck Everyone!

Games On Swagbucks

I just play the games to get the 10 daily sb you can win everyday. I use the game crusher. The game must run for 91 seconds for credit.

Click the game, then click play for free.
Let the add run, then click play game.
Let the game open & click start.
Then I just let the game run.

When the game is done, click no thanks, then back to games.
You do not have to win to get your 2 sb 5x a day.
If you repeat this 10x you will win 2 sb every other time.
The game does not have to be the active window. Leave it run in a back tab & go back to it whenever.

You will definitely get 10sb everyday following these steps.

Yes I know 10 sb is not a lot.... do it everyday & you will have 300sb towards an agc.

Here are referral links if you need them. <--- cantbeatfree <-- excitepoints <--- irazoo <-- gifthulk  <– viggle -- inboxdollars <-- Superpoints
Make sure you fill out your profile so you get all your free spins everyday! <-- pays 1.20 for fisher tasks <--- Beezag Just for videos.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SwagBucks Daily Checklist

Completing the swag dailies will help you reach and exceed your goal. We have a list for you to follow daily to ensure you max your sb everyday.

- Toolbar - 1 SB per day.
- Daily Poll - 1 SB per day. 
- NOSO - 2 SB per day.
- SBTV - 150 sb per day.
- SBTV Mobile - 50 sb per day.
- Search - 3-4 search wins a day, search every 3-4 hours.
- Games - 10sb every day. Just let the game run for 91 seconds, then click back to games.
** You must play 10 games, you will earn 2 sb every other game.
- Ad Rewards - check often as they reset throughout the day.
- Inbox check throughtout the day for videos, offers and surveys.
- Swag codes - check often or sign up for alerts to ensure you never miss a code.
- Encraves -  Are located under the Discover tab - Activities. Use chrome, have an extra tab open, open the card, press CTRL+TAB. When done close that tab and click another card from already
open activities page. The activities page will refresh itself once you finish an encrave.

- SB Homepage popups - Just refresh the homepage to see if you have one.

- Coupons - For the month of May they are double, you will earn 20 sb.

- Special Offers -check the walls often for videos & easy special offers.

- Trusted Surveys - Update your profile dashboard. You will have more surveys this way. You will receive 1 SB for each survey you are disqualified from.

- SB Promotional Code INTREPID worth 80 SB for your new referrals to use.

As always if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Monday, May 14, 2012

SwagBucks Carnival Collector Bils

There will be five bills in total, and if can snag all five before 11:59 PM PT on Thursday, May, 31st, you will get a bonus of 10 sb.  This starts May 23 at Midnight PDT.

You can see which bills you have collected in the My Swag Bucks area of your account.
For more info on the bills please click the link below.

This is what all the bills look like. 7 - 8 -9 - 11 - 15