Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Internet Radio

SB has an offer on the homepage that can help you achieve your daily goal.

I suggest you bookmark this so you can use it daily.  The offer is not always there.
There are 2 links you need to bookmark.  The 1st link is the popup you get when you click the offer card.
We will post a screenshot of that as soon as we have it here.

You should also bookmark this. This is the Radio itself.

You can run this all day.  
A captcha will appear every 10 minutes. 

 Use a timer so you do not miss it.
If you get a capcha with a 1 (#1) or an l (lower case L) you can refresh the captcha so you do not lose your point.
I found every once in a while there is a glitch with the capcha so just refresh & move on.
We do not yet know of a daily limit on this,  I have not hit one yet.
There is also a pause button.

 I do not suggest leaving this open over night.  It seems to freeze everything up.
You also will want to shut this down every so often.  I find it crashes shockwave.
Just close it then reopen it.
We will add to this as we find updates!

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