Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EntertaiNow for Android and iOS

Swagbucks has released another way to earn using your mobile devices - EntertaiNOW app.

As of September 2014 this app is available for US, Canada, UK, and Australia!! (India unknown)

This app is very similar to the sbtvMobile, and other apps, there are ads that play before a video. You will earn 2 sb per 10 videos.

Credit will show in your ledger as SBTV Mobile: EntertaiNow

Original daily totals were 26 sb a day, then 50, then  72, then 90, then 120 sb.

As of July/August 2014 you can earn a total of 90 sb a day from this app.

As of September 16, 2014 you can earn a total of 80 sb a day from this app

Download it:

For iOS (Apple) - You can download the EntertaiNOW app from itunes:

For Androids - You can download the EntertaiNow app from the google play store:

For compatibility issues and Kindles - Please use the following apk. Be sure to allow installations from unknown sources or 3rd party apps in your settings. Just click:

Update February 5 2014
Entertainow 3.0

Update June 25 2014
Entertainow 3.1


Favorite short videos:

After installing the app. make sure to favorite one or more short videos. Otherwise the app will take forever to finish.

To favorite and run: Find a short video, and from the menu list of videos, slide the title to the left, this will make a heart on the video title, return to the main menu and play the favorites. You only need one video to run over and over, but you can add more if you like.

Shortest videos:
There are four sections of videos: Scenes, Featurettes, TV Spots. and Reelz.

11 seconds - TV Spots - Touch
15 seconds - TV Spots - American Horror Story
15 seconds - TV Spots - Titanic
15 seconds - TV Spots - Dragons of Berk
15 seconds - TV Spots - Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
15 seconds - TV Spots - The Boondocks
15 seconds - TV Spots - Family Guy
15 seconds - TV Spots - Modern Family
15 seconds - TV Spots - Brideshead
16 seconds - TV Spots - Underclassmen
16 seconds - TV Spots - Glee
!6 seconds - TV Spots - Homeland

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