Thursday, September 5, 2013

Swagbucks Mobile app

Swagbucks app is a mobile version of the site. There are some activities and offers on this app that are not available on the main site. You can also try searching from this app and there are several videos also. The app includes a 'Watch' section that is just like the sbtvMobile app, but it is best to do sbtvMobile from its own app. Some versions incluse Virool and HyperMx videos. For credit on Virool you will have to watch at least 30 seconds before exiting the video. For credit on HyprMX you must watch the full video.

Download it: This app is for Android and iOS.

For iOS (Apple) - You can download the Swagbucks Mobile app from itunes:

For Androids - You can download the Swagbucks Mobile app from the google play store:

Please read for more info on kindle and Google Play


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