Thursday, February 21, 2013

Entering A Swag Code Using the New Homepage

To enter your Swag Code please look at the following pictures. The first will show you where to enter the Swag Code from the homepage on your computer. Hover over the unlock button and click it.
The drop down will open and you can either type or ctrl + V (paste) to enter the code.
If you are on a phone, please navigate to your ledger by hovering over your picture and click My Swag Bucks in the drop down.
This is your account summary page. On the left side bottom, there is a gimme box. We suggest you bookmark this page on your phone for future Swag Codes.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Swagbucks Sign Up Code Feb 2013

There is a new Swagbucks Sign-up code to give your referrals.  
When you invite your referrals, let them know to enter
 in the promo code box during sign up to earn an extra 90SB.
 This means they will earn $1.20 just for signing up.
You can use the registration code to sign up with until Feb 28 at 11:59 PM.

Thanks to nikki!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Games on SB

Swagbucks has introduced the new format for the games.

You must clear your cookies, cache & history in order to get credit using the games since SB changed the format   

** Turn off your adblock if you want all games to credit as they should!!  ****  Thanks to MefromWV

We have realized there is really not much difference in the crediting.  We are going to post a few screenshots for you to help with the transition.

The game of choice is Swagasaurus Run. So I will click play for free.

Watch the ad then,
Then click new game in the center.

You will now be taken to the games page again.  Please repeat this process.  You will earn 2sb.  Do it another 8x for an additional 8sb.  Total 10 sb!

Please click Back to Games Page

IF you do not get the Game Over popup please read this! 

Refresh the page & it should have a tab that says
back to game details or back to games.  Click the back to games.  
You should get your 2sb every other game doing it this way.

Any questions please feel free to ask!
We will update this with any new info as needed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Internet Radio

SB has an offer on the homepage that can help you achieve your daily goal.

I suggest you bookmark this so you can use it daily.  The offer is not always there.
There are 2 links you need to bookmark.  The 1st link is the popup you get when you click the offer card.
We will post a screenshot of that as soon as we have it here.

You should also bookmark this. This is the Radio itself.

You can run this all day.  
A captcha will appear every 10 minutes. 

 Use a timer so you do not miss it.
If you get a capcha with a 1 (#1) or an l (lower case L) you can refresh the captcha so you do not lose your point.
I found every once in a while there is a glitch with the capcha so just refresh & move on.
We do not yet know of a daily limit on this,  I have not hit one yet.
There is also a pause button.

 I do not suggest leaving this open over night.  It seems to freeze everything up.
You also will want to shut this down every so often.  I find it crashes shockwave.
Just close it then reopen it.
We will add to this as we find updates!