Monday, February 9, 2015

SBCodez acronyms

ptr -     Partier
cmm -   cookie monster
ttl -     to the left
mu or Youmu - Youmukon
mnn -    Minion42

ed - edith
teq or tq -   tequila
kel -    keldarion

stu - stupidness

;ton -        Todays Notes post

;sbapp -    SB apps page
;offr -       Crediting offers list
;off -         How to get offrs to credit post
bl0g -        Special Offer Central blog
sss -          screen shot post
;enc -        nCrave post
perk -       Perk main page post
juns -        jun videos post
meter -     daily goal meter post
check list - daily check list post
bingzz -     bing answers post
;fb -
;text -       Get sbcodez text alerts post

HP -      Home page
SO -       Special Offers

AG -      AdGate
TP  -      Trial Pay
RO -     Radium One offer wall
PW -       Payment Wall offer wall
PL -       Peanut Labs offer wall
SP -       Sponsor Pay
offer wall 
SR -       Super Rewards offer wall
RU -       Revenue Universe offer wall

TB -     TrafficBuffet offer wall (on Dollartracks)
PSLY - offer wall
GS -       Gold surveys

PS -       Partner Surveys
RL -      Radio Loyalty
nCrave - Activities under the Discover tab
Juns -      Jun Group videos
gh -
instagc -
DT  -      Dollartracks blog post

Dollartracks  -

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