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What is an APK?

An APK (Android Application Package) is a file used to install an app on android devices if you are unable to install via the Google Play Store. APK's are only used on android devices.

"Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system."

Why do I need an APK?

APK's are especially useful when you want to save and install older versions of apps, or if you have trouble installing directly from the Google Play Store.

Where can I get an APK?

We no longer supply APK's in this blog. You can get the most recent updates for most apps in this blog here -->

How to install an APK

1. In Systems settings > security make sure you check the box to install from unknown sources

2. From your device, tap the APK link provided (whether on this blog or elsewhere) and download the file. On the DropBox page, look for the icon top right (a box with a downward arrow), tap it and select direct download or you can add it to your own dropbox account. 

3. Find the file on your device. You can pull down the messages from bar at the very top of your screen, just slide down, and tap the file you just downloaded. You can also go to your downloads on device and tap the file.

4. Accept all and install.

To install, just tap the apk link to download. You do not need to install Dropbox. Do not click "open in app" button, instead, click the button top right (a box with a down facing arrow) and do a direct download.

How to Extract and Share an APK

1. Download the following apps:

    APK Extractor -

    ES File Explorer -

    Dropbox - Make an account or sign in if you have one

2. Download the app you want from the Play Store (or from someone else's APK if you need an older version)

3. Open the APK Extractor app and select the app you need the APK for, once selected it will extract.

4a. Open DropBox app, tap the menu (three dots top right) and select "upload here". 
  b. Select "other files"
  c. Select "ES File Explorer"
  d. Select APK you just extracted
  e. Select "File Way"
  f. The file is now in your Dropbox

5. Rename the APK if you like. Tap the down arrow to the right of the apk, tap "more", and rename it. Remember to add the version number.

6. To share, tap the down arrow to the right of the APK, and select how you would like to share it.

Disable auto-updates - Please read 

Kindle users - get a cheap android!! Otherwise you will need to google how to install Google play on your kindle, then you can install the apps.

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