Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clinical Trials

The follow are some tips for high paying clinical trials

  • Clinical trials, generally Accurian trials, can be found on offer walls, survey sites, home pages, almost anywhere.
  • If you qualify, be sure to go to the end of the survey, you will need to select a doctor and get to second thank you page for credit.
  • If the survey is in another language, click the dropdown top right of survey to change language.
  • If the zip code you select is full, use the back button to go back to beginning and try another.
  • To find out what each clinical trial requires to qualify, visit the links below and look up the trial qualifications before you fill out the survey. Special thanks to babyswag for this tip
  • Use the same links to find zip codes that will work for the clinical trials too Special thanks to Avi and Deval for the trial links

The following are some clinical trial qualifications that have been posted in the chat at Thank you to everyone who posted them.

When listed zip codes do not work, do not close, press back button in the survey and try a zip from the links above.

If the info below does not qualify you, use the links above to research the trial and see what qualifications they want

Migraines - zip 35756 female 39 dx at 29, 17 migraine days/mo, no to everything

Gout - Read here to qualify

Dust Mites Study - Dust mites allergy, no other allergies,1 year or longer, sneezes/itchy eyes/watery eyes, over the counter meds, asthma, singular,no inhalers, Hospital 1 year ago

Diabetes Study -  Type 2 diabetes, not overweight, taking starlix no inject no other meds no diabetic complications

Emphysema trial - have emphysema and copd, quit smoking 3 year ago, taking a steroid
High Cholesterol  - please read what worked for someone else here and here

Asthma  - Asthma Sufferer,  use zip 95821 use instructions

Eczema - You have eczema  say NO to all other health conditions / Use lotions - no pills / injections. You have moderate/severe reaction

Hepatitis B  - Zipcode 23502 6mos or longer, Not taking either medicine, no kidney dialysis, pick doctor  instant credit

Teen smoking trial - used zip 70116 14 year old female child smokes 5 or more a day no other health condition

Child Asthma - Instructions here: and here

Teen depression, Estudio de investigacion clinica para... - Have a teen with depression, say yes to individual therapy, no to everything else including meds, zip code 32751

Diabetes and heart problems -  used zip code 84102 Type 2 diabetes, heart attack (more than 5 years ago) yes to stent (more than 1 year ago) no/none to everything else

Monday, February 9, 2015

SBCodez acronyms

ptr -     Partier
cmm -   cookie monster
ttl -     to the left
mu or Youmu - Youmukon
mnn -    Minion42

ed - edith
teq or tq -   tequila
kel -    keldarion

stu - stupidness

;ton -        Todays Notes post

;sbapp -    SB apps page
;offr -       Crediting offers list
;off -         How to get offrs to credit post
bl0g -        Special Offer Central blog
sss -          screen shot post
;enc -        nCrave post
perk -       Perk main page post
juns -        jun videos post
meter -     daily goal meter post
check list - daily check list post
bingzz -     bing answers post
;fb -
;text -       Get sbcodez text alerts post

HP -      Home page
SO -       Special Offers

AG -      AdGate
TP  -      Trial Pay
RO -     Radium One offer wall
PW -       Payment Wall offer wall
PL -       Peanut Labs offer wall
SP -       Sponsor Pay
offer wall 
SR -       Super Rewards offer wall
RU -       Revenue Universe offer wall

TB -     TrafficBuffet offer wall (on Dollartracks)
PSLY - offer wall
GS -       Gold surveys

PS -       Partner Surveys
RL -      Radio Loyalty
nCrave - Activities under the Discover tab
Juns -      Jun Group videos
gh -
instagc -
DT  -      Dollartracks blog post

Dollartracks  -