Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fast is now beautiful with Internet Explorer 9 - 20 SB

Swag Bucks awarded when you download (do not install) and get
to the thank you page. IE9 is only avaliable for windows 7 and windows vista
Location: Slider Credits Instantly. 20 SB  <-- You must use IE to do this offer.
Offer  can also be completed on iRazoo for 180 points or
Zoombucks for 25 ZB

PLEASE READ - This offer has changed.
*** If you complete the offer on 1 site you may NOT be able to do it on another 
until the affiliate resets the offer.

*Clear cookies and cache to try repeat the offer a second time*
*You can also try to repeat on Zoombucks or iRazoo for even more*

If you are not an iRazoo or a Zoombucks member and would like to join, please use the referral banners below. Thanks. 

Location: Slider Credits Instantly. 20 SB 

iRazoo for 180 points

Zoombucks for 25 ZB

Click Download Now (In Firefox and IE save,  chrome automatically saves)
DO NOT INSTALL ... Check your ledger, its credits after you click download.

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