Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Galaxy Awaits - 788 iRazoo points!!!!

Located on Gambit Wall for iRazoo worth 788 points ($1.31 amazon)
Big thanks to angelababy for this offer (it has been requested that this offer only be posted on sbofferzone)
Offer credits instantly!

If you aren't already a member of iRazoo please sign up with the ref link below 

Allow the Facebook app

Make sure to choose Inergon for your race

Choose any profession and enter a name (I chose the one for more population, don't think it matters)
Click on Finish when you are done

Go ahead and skip the tutorials unless you really want to play this game
You want to go to the missions tabs

Always select the highest experience mission available to you, check for new missions when you rank up

When you rank up go to ship and "Recruit Engineers" this will keep your energy from depleting all the way for the most part.  

Some examples of missions you want might have are
rank1-2 escort frigate
rank3-4 clear mine field
rank 5-7 deliver pydrite
rank 8-10 Octafari Distress  (gives xp fast, do as soon as possible)
These might not be the exact missions.  

If you run out of energy after adding engineers go to redeem points you will have 10 points to start, enough to fully replenish energy  once (I used up my points before hiring engineers)

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