Monday, July 25, 2011

Get a quote for your German dream car! - 64 CBF Points

Click on the automobile banner on the page, select a car, click on the "Download Brochure" button and then schedule a test drive with valid information to receive Points.
No purchase required to receive Points within minutes.
Click on the Automobile banner on the landing page click on "Download Brochure", click on Build car button follow the steps to customize your car. On summary page click Request a Quote button and provide valid information to get Points.
Located on Radiumone Wall for 64 Points Credits Instantly

Looking for some new sites to join? Try CantBeatFree and ExcitePoints.
Both sites that have all the offers swagbucks has, and gambit video walls where
you can watch the videos over and over again. Free upgrades.
Request $20 on Amazon and get $25.
If you would like to join, please click the ref links below.


Click the offer

Click on one of the banner ads for BMW

At the bottom right of the page select get a quote

Fill out the info 

After you select your dealership and enter your info click send and the offer should credit instantly!

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