Friday, July 22, 2011

Looking for some new sites to join? Try CantBeatFree and ExcitePoints.

Both sites that have all the offers swagbucks has, and gambit video walls where
you can watch the videos over and over again. Free upgrades.
Request $20 on Amazon and get $25.
If you would like to join, please click the ref links below.

Canada Friendly They have a whole folder of Canadian Offers. Also Qusap, CBF TV and Games for points are Canada friendly.  You can even cash out gift cards, just remember to send in a ticket that you want instead of

Games for points Play a game, when the timer is full refresh your game and earn a point.

Jackpot Every offer or video watched gives you a free entry into the jackpot is awarded 3 times a day!

When you become a VIP you get these bonuses:
-Get to pick your own tag and colors for the shout box
-Referrals pay three levels deep
-Your Referral pays you 12% of what they make
-Your Referral's Referral pays you 7% of they make
-Your Referral's Referral's Referral pays you 5%
-Wednesday Wheel Jackpot night is only for VIPS. Win up to $10 in one free spin.

How do I become VIP?
Simply request a 25.00 card for the cost of a 20.00 one time and you have a lifetime VIP membership. Just that easy.

These sites offer all that swagbucks, zoombucks, and irazoo offer and usually pay higher than all of these sites!!!

They are a million times faster for paying. Payment is usually within 48 hours, no more waiting!!!

VIPs can ask for paypal. And if you save up you get lots of free money.  VIPs can order a $20 amazon gift card for the price of $15, and VIPs can also order a $50 paypal for the price of $42.00 (Swagbucks charges about $63 for their $50 paypal)

You can redo all the videos and tasks that you have done on Swagbucks, use CBF and Excite to redo them even more

What are you waiting for? Join now & start making some more money!!

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