Sunday, November 1, 2015

P-e-r-k App Tips

If you havent signed up for Perk and downloaded the apps yet, well... what are you waiting for? Click HERE for more info.


10/15/2015 - Several peoples rewards are getting cancelled. You may receive an email referencing "fraud detection". Please take the following steps until this wide spread issue is cleared up and we know exactly whats happening:
  • reduce the number of devices you are running to less than 5 per app
  • email them back with a copy of your ID with address matching that on your account, and tell then exactly how many devices on each app you are now running
  • make sure you have sent in your tax form if they requested it

If your perk account gets shut down or your rewards cancelled, all they want you to do is send in a copy of your ID.  
  •   They are not going to ask you for it, they simply cancel your rewards or notify you that your account has been banned.
  • Blacken out your info other than your photo, name and address and email it to them. Your address on account should match your ID
  • You may need to email them several times. Replies to their emails just get pushed to the bottom, so we recommend sending a new email and reference any previous ticket numbers in it. 
  • Just send the info!! 


  • We recommend you do NOT use personal devices for running apps. These apps are collecting more and more personal information about you, invest in inexpensive phones or tablets that you do not access personal info on, androids are less expensive and easier to manage.
  • You may find that some ads will run better if your phone is portrait view (the long way up and down), or it may not make a difference at all. You should try both ways and see what works best for you. You can also disable the auto-rotate in your settings if you like.
  • Disable or uninstall any bloatware apps that came installed on your device. Clear their cache too.
  • Disable or set sleep mode to 'always on'. This will prevent the device from stopping the app from running constantly. You can do this from settings > display, or settings > about phone and google how to get developer options, then select 'always on'
  • Lower the screen brightness, this will save some battery life.
  • Disable the sync
  • If you have it, set device to airplane mode, wifi only
  •  Leave the location setting on, Perk requires this
  • Clear app cache often, this will help the videos load faster, you may want to do this each time you reset back to App Trailers section. (every 2 hours or less)  Learn how to clear app cache, please read -->
  • You should restart your phones at least once a week or more. This will clean out the RAM cache in case any apps have memory leaks.
  • Clear app data or uninstall and re-install the app every couple days. Do it when you cash out so you remember. 
  • If your devices seem to freeze on a loading screen, clear app cache and re-start your device.
  • If you are running multiple devices, be sure to stagger the videos so the same game or video is not playing on all devices.
  • From user Stupidness - "Troubleshooting protocol (if you have issues)  is try in order 1) restart app 2) clear cache 3) clear data 4) reboot and 5) remove/reinstall app"
  • New tip 8/16/16 - from  user forepaugh - If you continue to get bad ads, you can try this temporary fix: Reset your google ad id on the device that is having problems. You can find instructions how to do this HERE

How to disable updates - please read -->

Google Play Services - Most new versions of the apps need you to have an updated version of Google Play Services. If you do not have a google play account, and need an apk for Google Play services, get it HERE
If you discover any other tips and tricks (that aren't cheats) please let us know in the chat and we will add them.

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