Thursday, October 29, 2015

P-e-r-k General Info - PLEASE READ

Perk is another earning site similar to Swagbucks. 
They have several apps and many of the same earning opportunities as swagbucks on their site.


10/15/2015 - Several peoples rewards are getting cancelled. You may receive an email referencing "fraud detection". Please take the following steps until this wide spread issue is cleared up and we know exactly whats happening:
  • reduce the number of devices you are running to less than 5 per app for now.
  • email them back with a copy of your ID with address matching that on your account, and tell then exactly how many devices on each app you are now running
  • make sure you have sent in your tax form if they requested it


  • The first thing you want to do is make an account at on your pc. You must use real info making a perk account!
  • There is no restriction about the number of accounts per household. However you must have a different phone number to verify each account every time you cash out. YES, every time you cash out you must do a phone verify. You can use pinger numbers for this.
  • To verify account you need to confirm email and to verify orders you need to receive either an automate phone call, which you must answer, or a SMS text message with a code.
  • If you make 2 accounts remember to use the name of someone else in your household, email, and phone number.
  • Perk has been cracking down on users with multiple accounts per household. If you have multiple accounts, and your rewards are ever cancelled, email perk at from your account email, and be prepared to send them a copy of ID (license, state ID card, etc) for each person with an account in your household. You may be able to get your accounts back and awards processed or refunded. ***When you send ID, black out all information EXCEPT name, address, and photo. 
  • ****If your perk account gets shut down, or your reward cancelled, all they want you to do is send in a copy of your ID.  Blacken out your info other than your name and address and email it to them.  They are not going to ask you for it nor will they answer the emails you send when your acct is shut!  Just send the info!! 
Perk apps are the easiest and best way to use Perk. Read about the different perk apps here:



  • You can do offers and watch videos on their pc site.
  • ****  PERK OFFER WARNING - If you do offers on perk, you MUST use real info! This means the name, address, any profile information you signed up with must match what you fill in for offers. Different emails are fine and recommended for offers. Do not do offers that require all info unless you are using YOUR REAL information. **They will ban for fake info on offers.** 
  • We suggest you do the RO 16 pt videos, as the pay higher than most sites and only email submit offers. Dont bother with the search, its worthless and doesnt pay.
  • You do not need the perk browser to complete offers, just go to on your pc.


  • Perk will send you an email asking you to fill out tax form, They withhold your cashout until you send it in.
  • From Perk Terms of Use
    • #22 Accounts that have not earned a Perk Point or Perk Token within 30 days or more are deemed inactive. Perk Points and Perk Tokens previously earned in these inactive accounts will be considered null and void.
    • #23 Perk accounts that have earned over $600 in a calendar year are required by US law to fill out a 1099. Perk will notify users via the email address user has on file and it is then up to user to complete all obligations with respect to US Government. User gives up all claims against Perk regarding any tax related claims.


  • Perk resets at midnight central time.
  • Payouts for Perk are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you order your reward before midnight on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays you will get paid the next day, unless they have some glitch or issues, or if there are issues with your account
  • We recommend you follow the same rule as any other site, CASH OUT EARLY AND OFTEN. Just like SB, do not save your points, cash out $25 or less. 
  • When you cash out you will need to provide a phone number you can receive a call or SMS text message. They will give you a code to enter to verify your cash out, you need to do theis every time. (Pinger numbers work just fine) 
  • Read about Perk Plastic here -->


Not yet available to all members.

As of September 2015 Perk has introduced that can be run on your PC's web browser, or on a mobile device's web browser. This is very similar to the PerkTV app, credit randomly the same way, and most of our recommendations as to what categories to run apply. Most people had success running on Firefox, but try different browsers and use the one that work best for you.
  • We dont recommend you try to run more than one per computer or device.
  • These videos may run in the background, similar to how we run SB nCraves. Make sure they are advancing before you walk away. 
  • You will get a craptcha "Are you still watching?" every 20 minutes, check the box and answer the question.  
  • Since this is still fairly new, be sure these are crediting, and be sure you remain logged in, some people had issues.

Perk has acquired Viggle! You will need to convert Viggle points for perk points. Please read for more info -->

Find more about the Viggle app -->


As of March 2016 Perk has announced for PC. Much like or the viggle and perk tv apps, get paid to watch videos and ads.  

  • Log in with your perk account email
  • We dont recommend you try to run more than one  per computer or device.
  • Since this is still fairly new, be sure these are crediting, and be sure you remain logged in, some people had issues.

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